3 Ways Dirty Windows Hurt Your Business

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3 Ways Dirty Windows Hurt Your Business

3 Ways Dirty Windows Hurt Your Business

While running your business, you have plenty on your to-do list. The cleanliness of the windows may not feature prominently, yet it will still have a huge impact on the success of your operations. As you chase those profits and manage your employees, what does the state of the windows say about your business? First impressions count, and you don’t want to have dirt build-ups on the windows, or grimy streaks being the first thing that customers see when accessing your establishment. Commercial window cleaning is a vital part of the routine maintenance program. Why is it important? Here are how dirty windows end up hurting your business:


  • Your reputation


The windows of a property are the first thing that people will notice about it. Even before they walk into the premises, they will have already formed an opinion about your business based on it. What do dirty windows say about you? For starters, it gives the impression of a business that does not bother about what its customers will think. This is not the precedent that you want to set. After all, if you’re not worried about how your customers perceive you, how will they be able to trust that you will put your best foot forward to ensure that their needs are met? Their confidence in your products and services will falter, making them wary about engaging you. Some will simply turn back and go right into your competitors offices. It also gives an image of a business that is not invested in looking after its property, or simply one that doesn’t have the budget to cater to its building’s maintenance. If this is the case, what then is to be said about the quality standards of its operations? How will the customers trust what you’re offering if it is provided in a dilapidating environment? After working so hard to market yourself as a professional enterprise, with quality products and services, you don’t want dirty windows to be the point of weakness that negatively affects your efforts. 


  • Demotivated staff


The workplace is basically their second home. They spend hours of each day in it, carrying out their mandate, serving the customers and growing the business. You don’t want them to feel that you’re not bothered about their wellbeing. A dirty environment will negatively affect their morale. Working with soiled and dingy windows is part of this. Your employees should be able to have a well-lit interior, not feel crammed up in an unhealthy environment. Speaking of which, the soiled windows pose a myriad of health risks, especially with the allergens that accumulate on its surfaces, which then get blown into the interior space. When the dirt accumulating on the window sill and glass panes becomes part of the breathable air space, they trigger respiratory-related reactions, from the incessant coughing and sneezing, to all-out asthma attacks. Conditions like bronchitis get worsened. No one wants to be exposed to health risks on a daily basis. Your employees are the engine of the company. They drive its growth and expansion. You want them to be comfortable and motivated, not sulking and counting down the minutes to hours to the close of the workday. Ensure that they have a clean environment to carry out their activities in, part of which involves investing in commercial window cleaning services, done by the professionals. 

You also don’t want to direct your employees away from their desks to clean the windows. Not only does it risk yielding unsatisfactory results, and creating a bottleneck in your operations due to the work that will pile up at their desks while they are out working on the windows, but it also puts the employees tasked with this at risk of injuries especially when working on windows on the upper floors. Using the wrong equipment or cleaning agents for the task will also ruin the windows, causing issues ranging from etching of the glass panes, scratches and corrosion of the seals, to all-out breakages. Then there are the additional costs involved in sourcing for the cleaning chemicals, extension poles, squeegees, washers, scrapers, static-free cloths, pumping equipment for pressure washing, and other equipment that is needed for the commercial window cleaning. Why take on all these expenses and risks? Get the job done right by hiring the professionals for the task, who are well equipped and come with years of experience under their belt. 



The dirt and grime is a threat to the window structure. Concrete leaching and hard water spots that stain the glass panes, oxidation effects that weaken the glass structure, cracks developing on your unit, to the gunk that’s on the sills and ledges which prevents normal operating of the windows- thereby causing one to use force when opening or closing them, which causes risks of breakages- you don’t want things turning out this way. Windows are expensive installations, and the process of replacing them will cause you to chomp into your budget- increasing your operational costs and reducing your profit margins. Then there is the amount of time that it will take, and the disruptions that will be caused in your business premises. Save yourself from these frustrating by scheduling routine commercial window cleaning sessions. This will protect your installation and increase its lifespan, bringing you savings in the long run. 

Affordable commercial window cleaning services

Arranging for this doesn’t need to cost you an arm and a leg. With us, you get quality services without straining your business cleaning and maintenance budget. With a wide range of systems to work with, truck-mounted gear to Reach & Wash window cleaning to access those high rise installations, flexible schedules where you get to book based at the time that will be convenient to your needs, plus a crew that maintains industry standards of professionalism on each window cleaning sessions, our goal is to ensure that you are satisfied with the entire spectrum of our operations. Our personnel will discuss the various options that are available for your particular establishment, that way you get to select the options that you are most comfortable with. 

3 Ways Dirty Windows Hurt Your Business

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