Affordable Window Cleaning Services In Dublin

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Affordable Window Cleaning Services In Dublin

Affordable Window Cleaning Services Dublin


They give you great views of the outdoors and let light into the interior space. Windows are an integral part of the architecture, in both residential and commercial buildings. Depending on the taste of the property owner, there are numerous styles, materials, and features that are available to choose from – the beautiful and highly insulative wood, the affordable vinyl or vinyl class that offers the best of both worlds for the window frame and sash, different glass types like the double- or triple-paned windows that have an inert gas (usually argon) in between the panes to provide insulation, specialised installations like low-E (low emissivity) glass that is coated to reduce the amount of heat that can flow through the glass, impact resistant glass that is designed to hold up beautifully under extreme weather conditions, and in case of breakage it doesn’t shatter and spread shards of glass all over the place, to the different styles of the windows themselves, like the common single or double hung windows that consist of two sashes where one or both are operable respectively, casement windows that have one large sash that is vertically hinged and opens by swinging out, awning windows that open by tilting out from the bottom, to sliding windows that move horizontally and are a popular choice for premises where the space of swinging out open is limited. Whichever the installation that you got for your premises, you want to protect it. Dust builds up on the surface, minerals leach out of the concrete walls and streak the across the glass, compounds from the acid rain beating down the window get deposited as it evaporates, and the insects moving across the glass surface and window sill leave behind body waste. There’s the occasional spider building a web at the top corner of the window, plus that bird that perches on the sill mid-flight to rest but ends up gifting you with faecal residue. For those with screens, a common phenomenon when it rains is for the water to force the dirt that has built up over time through to the windows, soiling them. Even smoke particles, whether it’s from the persons puffing some cigarettes around the building, or your premises is located near a busy street with lots of cars passing by, get deposited on the glass. It becomes dull, with aspects like how much light is allowed into the building being reduced. Proper maintenance entails a thorough window cleaning, and that’s where our expert team comes in.

Affordable Window Cleaning Services Dublin

Various factors make DIY window cleaning to be a hazardous undertaking to both yourself and the windows themselves. Take for instance the equipment. When using a scraper to get the stuck-on gunk off the window, and you fail to use a single path, with a steady hand while applying the same pressure, you can scratch the glass pane beyond repair- meaning you’ll need to have a new one installed. When working on the windows that are on the second storey and above, you’ll likely end up using a ladder. Without ladder pads, it can damage outdoor surfaces and the stucco- and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. While cleaning the windows on a ladder, you’ll be balancing on the rungs and carrying the equipment at the same time. Reaching out too far, missing a step, or the angling is not properly positioned, and you could end up hurtling down, together with all the tools that you had carried up with you. If it’s from a great height, issues like fractures can result. There’ll also be damage to the property, especially the landscaping around where you have crashed down together with the ladder and the rest of the cleaning supplies. The quality of the results also factors in. Streaks and smears are common outcomes of the DIY window cleaning process. It can be the result of anything from failing to use the equipment appropriately to the outdoor heat drying up the glass panes faster than you can rinse them. Using detergents and other cleaning chemicals that work on the surfaces like countertops and tables in the rest of the premises can lead to adverse effects on the glass panes and window sills. You don’t want to corrode the structure of the windows. Avoid these risks by getting the professional Dublin window cleaning company to take care of the task for you.


Why You Should Call In The Professional Dublin Window Cleaners


1.  Pure water for spotless results – Affordable Window Cleaning Services Dublin


Our Dublin window cleaners use 100% pure water when working on your establishment. This has been scientifically proven to be the best method for cleaning windows. It all boils down to simplicity and effectiveness. Water from the mains supply, or even underground water pumped up and sprayed onto the window, contains impurities like nitrates, sodium, potassium, chloride, calcium and phosphates. As the water dries off, these impurities are left behind as sediments, leading to hard water spots on the window. With pure water, this issue is resolved. The dissolved solids and mineral salts are removed, which ensures that the glass panes are left spotless. The mains water is taken though filtration processes including reverse osmosis, leaving deionised ultra-pure water. There’s also more when it comes to the cleaning power of the water. When pure water is always trying to return back to the impure state. Yes, the water finds balance when it’s dirty. This means that when it is used on the windows, it attracts the soiling like a magnet, thus reducing the amount of time and energy spent with the cleaning. What’s more, you also won’t have to worry about smears or streaks as those that result from using detergents and cleaning cloths, and even soapy films of residue that end up resoiling the glass. As such, your windows remain cleaner for longer. Water fed pole systems are used for the process, bringing those high rise windows within reach- even when the Dublin window cleaners are on the ground. The telescopic poles have brushes attached to their heads, which scrub at the soiling, loosening it from the surface so that it can be washed down. The enhanced safety and efficiency, and also since the need for expensive equipment is reduced, lowers the cost of the window cleaning Dublin processes, and these savings are then transferred to the client. The frames and brushes are scrubbed too, ensuring that the soiling that would have ended up getting splashed back on the clean glass is removed. An eco-friendly choice, the biodiversity around your establishment is safe. Pure water is exactly that- there is no risk posed to your landscaping and plants in case of run-off, and there are no toxins to worry about. Hence, you get to have sparkling windows and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time.


2.  Experienced crew – Affordable Window Cleaning Services Dublin


With our window cleaning Dublin professionals, you can go about the rest of your tasks with the peace of mind that you will get quality results in minimal time. They have the skills needed for the job, having been taken through thorough training and coming with years of experience in the business. Having provided services into a diverse clientele in both residential and commercial establishments, they are well adept with handing your specific window cleaning Dublin needs. They are punctual, arriving on your site in the scheduled time to enable you to plan out your activities accurately. They stick within the given timelines, and also address any queries that you may have about the process. Our Dublin window cleaners are also friendly and quick to offer you advice on steps that you can take as the property owner in order to protect your investment. What’s more, they will spot aspects in your establishment that are going out of hand and affecting the window- from seal failure that’s making moisture get trapped in between window panes for those with double and triple-pane windows, rot on the window sill caused by environmental conditions such as the moisture levels within your establishment, and even issues like the moving parts of the window requiring lubrication, enabling you to have them rectified and avoid structural damage and incurring heavy losses.


3.  Free up your weekends – Affordable Window Cleaning Services Dublin


Weekends don’t come as often as one would like. After a long week at the workplace, those two free days that you’re meant to relax and rejuvenate yourself just blitz rapidly fast. You rarely have enough time to pamper yourself and engage in your favourite hobby, before Monday comes calling. Even those days off come rarely. You should be able to make the most out of them, taking part in your favourite activities, from going to the local museum and visiting other tourist attractions in your own city, baking a pie that you will spoil yourself with, volunteering like in a nursing home, or babysitting for a friend who really needs a break, inviting your neighbours over to get to know each other better, going through old photos of your younger self as you scan them and make a digital scrapbook, taking your kids to a craft store and picking out some crafts for a creative project, going on a bike ride to an area you haven’t been to before, taking classes whether its online lessons to sharpen your business skills or learning a new language, or getting your gym membership and signing up for dance classes, having a blast at the bowling lanes with your friends or significant other, all through to inviting your friends over so that you can have a movie marathon of all the classics that you used to enjoy while growing up, preparing a garden box, writing out your life plan so that you can make stock of what you’ve achieved, and where you plant to be by what time, making a bucket list of all those fun and crazy things that will give you and your friends adrenaline rushes, or settling down with a book or magazine, blogging or vlogging about your escapades and growing your social media community. You don’t want time that could have been spent on these being taken up by an arduous window cleaning job. Not only does it hold you down, it also exposes you to the risks of the DIY window cleaning process, and there’s also the frustration that comes when you get unsatisfactory results. Don’t sweat it. Bring in our Dublin window cleaners to take care of the job for you. In case you’re a business owner, you want the operations in our enterprise to run seamlessly. Your employees should be having their time and energies directed at servicing your clients and pushing forward your products. This gets hampered when they take to the windows, scrubbing them in an attempt to get rid of the dirt and grime that has piled up. It comes with its own range of problems, from the risks they face, the damage that can be meted onto the window, to the business operations getting bottlenecked. This is not how you want the state of affairs to be. Avoid the inconveniences by calling in our specialist window cleaning Dublin crew.


4.  You’re secure – Affordable Window Cleaning Services Dublin


Our window cleaning Dublin services are bonded and insured. This means that you won’t be facing lawsuits or having medical bills to pay in case someone gets injured on your property. What’s more, you are protected and will be compensated in case of any accidental damage to your property. This means that we have also invested heavily in hiring honest and qualified personnel. We take the time to perform thorough background checks and screen our employees before allowing them on your property. This will enable you to feel secure that you’ve comprehensively covered and protected.


5.  Friendly pricing structure – Affordable Window Cleaning Services Dublin


You have your own unique window cleaning Dublin needs. After all, every building has its particular demands. Hence, different aspects such as how many individual panes of glass there are, plus the size of each pane, the level of dirt on the windows, whether you want a once-off clean or to schedule regular services, the time of day or night when you want the window to be cleaned -since there are also emergency cases, how high the windows are, issues like fly screens and sills that need to be attended to as well, and even whether it’s a post-construction clean, are taken into account when setting the prices. You get to ensure that your establishment’s maintenance needs are met without bending your finances.


Affordable Window Cleaning Services In Dublin

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