Avoid The Hustle Of DIY Window Cleaning

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Avoid The Hustle Of DIY Window Cleaning

Avoid The Hustle Of DIY Window Cleaning


Window installations are pricey-however, since it’s usually a one-time cost, it’s worth it. You don’t want to ruin your investment with a DIY cleaning job that goes wrong. There’s plenty of room for error, especially with the wrong equipment being used, and lack of proper skill. Mistakes that could be made include:


  1. Scratching the glass


Going about scrubbing the windows with conventional household products will scratch the glass. Those hard-bristled brushes that are used to scrub the gunk from the countertops, walls and floors will ruin the delicate glass. From fine scratches that are barely visible while you clean but turn out to be huge anomalies once the window dries, to those unsightly marks that appear like grooves on the glass, they ruin the windows, taking away that clear and pristine nature that they should have.


  1. Shattering the window


DIYers may decide to use the garden hoses or power washers that are used for other purposes around the establishment to work on the windows. This equipment packs a punch. The pressure that is used to blast away the grime from the deck, patio, sidewalks and roofing is not the same that you use on glass. Chances are that it will outrightly shatter it, causing irrevocable damage. In this case the only recourse will be to replace the affected panes. Moreover, the moment the glass gets destroyed the water will flow right through into the interior space, drenching your seats, soaking your upholstery, ruining the electronics that are in the line of attack, and flooding the floor. Depending on how much water was involved during the incident, you can have a lot more damage on your hands to deal with.


  1. Ruining the window frames and seals


The frames and seals are also casualties of improper window cleaning measures. The power washers set at high pressure ratings will damage the seals. This results in cases like fogging, as is witnessed with double or triple-paned windows. The damaged seals allow air to enter between the glass panes. This air has moisture, which condenses in the confined space, reducing the visibility of the window. Repairs will need to be carried out, some of which cost nearly the same as a complete overhaul and replacement. Using the wrong cleaning solution, such as harsh chemicals in an attempt to remove stubborn stains, may lead to corrosion of the window frames. This reduces their structural integrity and affects the functionality of the window. In addition, harsh chemicals can etch the glass, leading to permanent spots forming on its surface.


  1. Damaging the property


In the process of cleaning the window, the building and landscaping around it will pay the price for the wrong equipment being used, and proper safety measures not being followed. For instance, using the power washers set on high can blast away the paint on the building’s exterior. There are those cases when one wants to clean the high rise windows, and opts to use a ladder. These dig holes in the yard, and if ladder pads aren’t used, then structures like the building’s stucco are also on the line.


  1. Unsatisfactory results


After labouring in the hot sun or cold morning cleaning your windows, it can be frustrating when they are left with streaks and smears. These are a result of different factors. For one, the windows may have been improperly rinsed. It can even be that the DIYer was working on huge sections at a time, and they were drying faster than they could be rinsed. Alternatively the pace may have been too slow. On hot days especially, when working one needs to take into account the rapid rate at which the windows will be drying, to ensure that the soapy solutions have been rinsed off in time. It can even be the case of using improper equipment, like towels which leave behind streaks. Any residue on the windows makes them a dirt magnet, trapping dust and other particles that are floating about, causing it to get resoiled fast. This means that you’ll be redoing the cleaning much sooner than you had anticipated. DIYers and rookie cleaners who dry the window using newspaper leave behind the ink stains from the print on the glass, and it will need to be cleaned again. Items like fibrous and lint-based cloths are also notorious for leaving fibres on the windows. Why go through all this when you can simply leave the task to the professionals?


In addition to all this, you also put yourself at risk. For instance, when using a ladder to access the high windows, there are high chances of fall accidents. This is because of the balancing acts that you will be performing atop the rungs. On one hand you’re climbing up and down the ladder with the cleaning equipment, and on the other hand you’re reaching out to the windows to clean them. Making any misstep will cause you to tumble down, and depending on the height of the fall you can end up with a minor bruise or sprain, or fracture a bone. Your goal is to get clean windows, not wind up in an emergency room. There are also those cases when one opts to use homemade cleaning solutions to work on the windows. While they may be effective on other surfaces around the home, the chemicals can end up reacting with the metal frames and screens, causing fumes to be generated. Inhaling these will lead to adverse effects, depending on the compounds involved. There are also those like ammonia which by themselves are irritants, affecting everything from the eyes to the mucous membranes and the skin. Prolonged exposure to the chemicals as you work on the multiple windows in your establishment is detrimental to your health.


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Avoid The Hustle Of DIY Window Cleaning

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