Commercial Window Cleaning Dublin

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Commercial Window Cleaning Dublin

Commercial Window Cleaning Dublin


Windows are a big investment. In both residential and commercial establishments, property owners go out of their way to get the right installation that matches their needs. These range from casement windows which are hinged on either the left or the right side allowing you to swing out the glass panes like doors for enhanced ventilation, awning windows which are basically like the casement ones only that they are hinged at the top and swing out like a tent thus preventing rain from entering the building, single hung windows that come with two sashes but the top one remains stationary while the bottom one can slide up and down, double hung windows where both sashes are moveable and slide vertically, horizontal sliding windows that open towards the left or right, or fixed pane windows that are only intended for increasing the amount of light getting into the building, and are not operable, all through to the different materials for the frame- such as the affordable and low maintenance vinyl, the strong and highly durable aluminium, the insulating wood that comes with a high-end price tag, all through to vinyl-clad wood that gives you the low maintenance of vinyl together with the beauty of wood. Aspects such as the dust that coats the glass surface, smoke particles that get absorbed by the window, insect waste and gunk from birds that get left behind on the glass and sills respectively, ruining their look and preventing normal operation, even rain that beats down the window and forms pathos on the dust layers, takes away the elegance of your installation, including sediments like those from acid rain. You don’t have to be close to an industrial area for the effects of acid rain to reach you. The clouds can be carried kilometres away by wind, and release the downpour over your locality thus affecting the window. There is also the issue of minerals within the concrete leaching out and ending up on the window. Regardless of the installation type, one thing is certain: the windows need to be maintained to protect them. That’s where our professional window cleaning Dublin crew comes in.


DIY window cleaning is not only daunting and time consuming, but there are also plenty of dangers involved. For starters, there’s damage to the window itself. The glass may be keeping out the elements from getting into the interior space, but that doesn’t mean that you can just go blasting it with the power washer that is used to get dirt off the driveway. Using the wrong equipment can also easily lead to scratches, even those minor ones that you may not notice during the cleaning, but when the window is dry will be glaring defects. Cleaning chemicals used around the premises to get dirt off surfaces can etch the glass, or cause corrosion of the metal frames and seals. Even the little razor that
one can opt to use to scrape off insect gunk that’s stuck to the window can create permanent marks. Personal safety also comes into play. In order to access the windows on the second, third, and so-on storey, you end up being forced to climb a ladder. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. While you are precariously high above the ground, you’ll be carrying your cleaning equipment with you. As you stretch to reach those far corners of the window, it’s easy to tumble to the ground. You could literally break a leg. Note that your body won’t be the only thing that falls. The crashing ladder, plus the rest of the equipment that you had carried up with you will follow. This could lead to lots of damage on your property’s exterior. Those potted plants, the landscaping down below may get affected, ruining all the effort you had placed in beautifying the place. The ladder itself can even damage the walls and siding on which is balanced on, not to mention digging holes into the ground. Make maintaining your property an easy and stress-free process by leaving the work to the expert Dublin window cleaners.


Why You Should Seek Expert Window Cleaning Services


1.  Equipped to deliver


Our window cleaning Dublin team employ the machinery and processes required to ensure spotless results in minimal time. The equipment is housed in mobile trucks, hence ensuring that the power needed for the processes is available on the move. The team arrives at your establishment ready to hit the ground running. Water is pumped up high reach poles to the window, coming out in pencil jets at the head of brushes on the ends of the poles. The brushes scrub the dirt and grime, with the water dissolving it and washing it down. It also provides the
lubrication that’s essential for the process, and coupled with the soft bristles nature of the brushes, this ensures that the glass is not scratched or damaged in any way. The water used is not the ordinary supply that comes from
the mains. It is ultra-filtered water, which has been taken through thorough purification processes to ensure that is free of any dissolved solids and mineral salts. The impurities are responsible for the hard water spots that
form on the glass when tap water is used to work on the window during DIY and rookie cleaning processes. By using the 100% pure water, our Dublin window cleaners thus ensure that there will be no residue or spots to worry about. In addition to enabling you have a clear and uninterrupted view through the glass, it also keeps it clean for longer. This is unlike when detergents and other cleaning solutions are used, which leave behind films of residue and also electric charge that attracts dirt. The poles that the window cleaning Dublin crew use are telescopic, capable of reaching those upper story windows and even accessing the solar panels on the roof that need to be cleaned. This reduces the risks involved in the process. There won’t be need of carrying around
ladders that can cause fall accidents for the personnel, and damage to your property. In addition, it enhances the privacy of the process. This is especially for those buildings with the bathrooms and bedrooms on the upper
floors, where you don’t want faces showing up outside your window. Even in business premises, this method of approach reduces the distractions to your clients and staff in the building. It also increases the speed with which the window cleaning Dublin services are carried out, enabling normalcy to resume in your establishment within moments.


2.  Skilful personnel 


The Dublin window cleaners have handled it all, from residential to commercial establishments. They’ve been delivering quality results over the years, leaving the clients satisfied. The numerous reviews and testimonials, plus the constant referrals are testament of that. The window cleaning Dublin crew will bring their thorough training and years of experience on board when working on your establishment, so you can rest assured that you will be getting quality services delivered in a timely manner. Speaking of time, the crew are also punctual. After all, you want them to arrive on site at the precise moment that had been scheduled, so that you can be able to accurately make your plans without worrying about them getting messed up. The processes are also carried out proficiently, with the window cleaning Dublin personnel handling your property as they would their own. They will also highlight problems in the establishment that could result in damage to the windows, enabling you to have them fixed prudently and avoid issues like rotting wood frames, corroded metal ones, faulty balances, bending and warping out of shape that leads to window leaks, plus water and mould damage to the surrounding walls. The personnel themselves are friendly, glad to answer any questions and address concerns that you may have about the various aspects of the process.


3.  Free yourself


You don’t want to come home from work to find another job waiting for you- and one that is fraught with risks too. With the demands of today’s busy world, there is a lot on your plate with your everyday work and social life. Adding the window cleaning job to the list just consumes more of your time and energy. Working with improper tools and solutions further draws out the process, consuming more of your free time, in addition to the plethora of dangers that come with a DIY job. On top of it all is having to spend hours in the glaring sun of the summer,
or biting cold of the winter, only to end up with results that are unsatisfactory. That’s not how you want to end up spending your weekend, or those precious days off from work. Not while there are tonnes of things that you can do to rejuvenate yourself, improving your personal health and wellbeing to ready yourself for the coming week. This ranges from heading out to the park with your kids or friends for a picnic and fun with kites, hosting a barbeque and asking persons attending to bring over a side dish or dessert, experimenting with new recipes from the internet or inventing one of your own, learning to play a music instrument, driving to the countryside for that
refreshing feel, inviting your buddies over to catch the league games, or drawing out your card games like bridge or poker, being sure that the drinks are flowing in abundance, getting some glue and paper and making a collage out of photos that you have clipped from the magazine, springing out your bike and heading to local bike trains, having a workout- be it yoga, jogging, skipping, or even that Zumba class that you’ve been planning to sign up for, checking out interesting books whether it’s online or on a visit to the library, getting a pedicure and facial to relax you, learning a new skill such as knitting or carrying out your stamp collection, all through to getting through some market research for that side-hustle that you’re planning to grow into a full time activity, organising a basketball or baseball match with your neighbours, shooting pool at the local billiards parlour, organising albums of your old family pictures and getting nostalgic as you take a trip down memory lane, going out to new sites that you haven’t visited in the city and sampling the new eatery that has been trending in your social groups. Getting our professional Dublin window cleaners on the job will enable you to have all the time to yourselves to engage in your heart’s desire. What’s more, the highly efficient processes that are employed reduce the amount of time taken for the task, further minimising the disruption to your daily life. Even in business premises, you want your employees to focus on their core mandate of growing your enterprise- not climb up and down ladders carrying window cleaning gear. First, that’s putting them at risk, and secondly, your business’ operations will take a negative hit. Leave the task to our window cleaning Dublin professionals and get quality results without affecting your personnel’s productivity.


4.  Fully insured


You want to know that you are protected in case of any accidents occurring. Say you hire a rookie, and then a simple mistake occurs like using too much pressure on the glass, or the wrong cleaning agent, and your installation ends up getting damaged. There may even be injuries to the personnel themselves. Without
insurance, you end up being left with a hefty repair bill, not to mention dealing with the controversies of who will settle the medical claims. With our professional window cleaning company, you won’t have to worry about any of
that. First, the appropriate measures are put in place to prevent accidents from occurring. Secondly, we are fully insured, with the coverage taking care of your property, our employees and their equipment.


5.  Quality services at friendly prices


The window cleaning Dublin services come at budget friendly prices, allowing you to carry out your building’s maintenance program without crippling your finances. Different factors are taken into account, such as the number of panes of glass, how dirty the windows are, the ease of access which determines the kinds of speciality tools that will need to be employed, screen cleaning, paint or stain removal and even mortar and cement residue like for those cases where construction works have just been completed around the window, ensuring that
the specific price is suited to your particular situation.


Window Cleaning Dublin

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