What Determines The Window Cleaning Costs?

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What Determines The Window Cleaning Costs?

What Determines The Window Cleaning Costs?

Every situation is different. The costs of the residential and commercial window cleaning services vary depending on the size and type of the windows, the location that the building is in, the type of cleaning process used, all through to the level of soiling that is on the structure

How different are the processes used? Take working on the exterior side of the windows for instance. Pressure washing may be used- such as with the Reach & Wash window cleaning system, where the cleaning is done with water that has delivered at high pressure onto the glass in jets. Here, the personnel get to work from the ground, and it takes away the need for using ladders. This makes it a safe process, without compromising the quality of the results. The pressurised water works in conjunction with soft-bristled brushes at the top of the pole that are used to scrub away the grime. Its efficiency is also tied to the pure water that is used. This water attracts the grime off the glass surface, and there won’t be residue left behind. There are cases which will call for solvents to be incorporated into the process. Here, as is often seen with the heavily soiled windows, specialised solvents come in to dissolve the thick mounds of dirt that are on the windows, and the contents then washed down with the pressure systems. There are even instances when power washing is used, where hot water comes in. This is a highly delicate operation especially due to the pressures and temperatures of water involved, and the fragile nature of the glass. Too much pressure can easily damage the windows, with high chances of cracks and breakages. When improperly directed, it will chip away the surrounding paint, dissolve the shutters, and damage the surrounding flower pots. 

Additional services- from a wipe-down and subsequent polishing of the windows to obtain that streak-free shine, dealing with the screens, sills and shutters- these also come into play. They call for their own sets of equipment to be used, and it will be based on the particular state of the window. 

Why DIY window cleaning is more trouble than it’s worth

One may be thinking- “I can just rent a pressure washer and do the job on my own”. However, this is ill-advised. While the professional window cleaning crew make it look easy, it’s not a walk in the park. With the DIY process, there are numerous things that can go wrong. Take how the equipment is handled for instance. All it takes is too much pressure than the window can hold for it to shatter. Misdirecting the gear will result in issues like denting the aluminium siding, chipping of the exterior bricks, the paint that is on the shutters may peel away, and one may even break the light bulbs. There have been numerous tales told of damages caused to the property. In fact, many do not notice that they are using too much pressure until they are done with the process, and then notice the areas surrounding the windows have peeled-off paint, the siding is dented. 

With the DIY process, cases of using the wrong equipment also come into focus. Aspects like hard-bristled brushes that scratch the glass panes, to working with razors when attempting to remove stickers and debris stuck to the windows- these wreak havoc on your installation. The conventional tools used around the household are not automatically suitable for working on the windows. Even aspects like paper towels can be frustrating to deal with, especially when they leave behind pieces all over the glass surface. 

When it comes to chemicals, one may be tempted to go for harsh reagents, especially when confronted by stubborn grime on the windows. The adhesives stuck to the glass panes, that insect residue that has adhered to the sills, the oxidation marks and issues like concentre leaching- using the wrong cleaning solves to dissolve the residue will damage your installation. On the other hand, one may get cleaners that are ineffective. These end up wasting your time and effort, and the window cleaning ends up taking hours of your day. Speaking of which, working on the windows at the wrong time of the day is a common factor that results in a streaky mess during the DIY window cleaning. The direct sun heating the windows causes the detergents and cleaners used to dry fast and stick to the window before the DIYer gets to rinse them off. This is also contributed to by working with tools that slow you down. Why bother yourself? Dial up the residential and commercial window cleaning experts to take the burden off your back. 

Can You Use Window Cleaning Cost Calculators?

These come in handy when giving you a rough idea of what to expect. However, it isn’t recommended that you rely on the value obtained as an exact number. Look at it this way: the cleaning cost calculators get quotes from websites of the service providers, and then use these averages to give you a quote. However, as seen above, there will be different factors that will be particular to your own situation. In addition, the window cleaning technician still needs to inspect the premises, to determine the level of soiling involved, and the cleaning system that will be the most appropriate for your situation. He or she will also need to confirm the size and type of the windows, have a discussion with you, the property owner, about the different cleaning methods that can be used, before settling on one which you will be comfortable with. 

Window cleaning companies have taken the route of offering free estimates, after which you can call and arrangements made for a technician to visit your home or business premises. This way, you will get an exact quote, instead of relying on an estimate. Having the technicians visit your premises also gives them the opportunity to explain the different modes of approach that can be taken, and address any queries and concerns that you have about the process. With the professional window cleaning company, you won’t have issues like hidden costs coming up down the road. 


What Determines The Window Cleaning Costs?

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