Domestic Window Cleaning Dublin

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Domestic Window Cleaning Dublin

Domestic Window Cleaning Dublin


Windows come in various designs based on the building’s architecture. There’s everything from the large picture windows that maximise on views and the amount of light that’s allowed into the interior space, arches and curved windows that are influenced by Spanish and Moorish architecture, turquoise that bring a slightly contemporary feel to the establishment, casement windows that’s popular with Tudor style of architecture and gives your building a 15th century feel, frameles windows that are a growing trend designed to provide a seamless and unobstructed view and stacks flat against the wall, large sliding glass doors that create a feeling of being outdoors, double-hung windows for the Craftsman bungalow-style homes, bay windows consistent with Victorian architecture, custom windows to set a rustic tone, awning windows which are hinged at the top and when open create an appearance of an awning- as the name suggests, slider windows that move horizontally and are a popular choice where there is limited space to swing the window open outside, all through to the different glass types such as double-, triple- or even quadruple-pane glass with varying distances in between the panes, low Emissivity (Low-E) glass that comes coated with an invisible material on its surface to reduce heat loss, and even impact resistance glass that is designed to hold out under extreme weather conditions. Whichever your installation, no doubt you spent lots of funds to have it set up. However, that doesn’t make it immune from features of everyday life such as the dirt and grime that is bound to settle on its surface. Dust that’s being blown around by wind gets flung against the window, rain that comes pouring down disturbs those even dust layers and forms paths on the glass surface, acid rain comes with chemicals that sediment on the windows as it dries, and even creatures like insects straddling across the window can leave behind body waste and residue from the material that’s on their feet. Even that bird that comes to perch on the window sill in the mornings to chirp its heart out deposits faecal residue that can also affect the functionality of the window, especially when it comes in the way of normal closing and opening operations. Protecting your installation is vital to ensure its functional and structural integrity. That’s a job for our window cleaning Dublin professionals.


You want to achieve a professional clean, not the windows to have the look of someone’s who was trying to balance- as is often the case with DIY window cleaning. There are numerous issues to factor in, from the cleaning solutions that are used, to the risks involved in the process. Since the industrial-grade equipment is not readily available for the DIY project, people tend to go for conventional cleaning tools around the house- ranging from cloths and brushes, buckets of water, detergents and also squeegees. The soapy solutions leave behind a film of residue on the glass surface, which attracts dirt. Sometimes the windows dry faster than you can rinse them, as happens on sunny days and when you’re working on numerous windows, causing streaks and smears to form. When it comes to accessing those high-rise windows, a ladder may be sought. Here there is the danger of climbing up and down it carrying all that cleaning gear. Any mistake could send you toppling over. Anything from sprains to fractures can result. You want to get sparkling windows, not have a broken limb. As you crash down, so does the equipment and even the ladder, which end up ruining your landscaping. There are also those city buildings that have a glass wall. Working on the vast area requires specialised equipment in order to achieve quality results without risking injury. There’s danger to the glass too. Whether it’s in our home or business premises, applying measures from as little as using a razor to scrape off the stubborn dirt, to using the power washer without applying the appropriate pressure settings can result in scratching the surface or shattering the glass respectively. Even the chemical solutions used can corrode the frames and sills. Avoid the risks by letting our Dublin window cleaners take care of the task for you.


Benefits Of Turning To Expert Window Cleaning Services


1.  Pure water technology


The window cleaning Dublin crew use ultra-pure water to get rid of the dirt and grime from your windows. This water is preferred for its wide range of benefits. For one, water in its natural state is balanced and impure. Removing the minerals disturbs this balance. Hence, when the water is sprayed onto the window, it readily absorbed the soiling that’s on it, thus increasing the efficiency of the process. Secondly, using pure water results in a streak-free shine.
Actually, after rinsing, the windows are left wet to dry naturally, and the spots won’t form. That’s how pure the water is. The system involve using high reach poles to deliver the water up to the windows. Soft bristled brushes at
the ends of the poles scrub the dirt, and the water then washes it down. This is also applied to the sills and frames, ensuring that the entire structure is left clean. The bristles of the brushes, while being tough on the dirt, are safe for the glass itself, hence you won’t have to fret about scratches being formed. Using the telescopic poles come with its extra benefits to the process. For starters, the Dublin window cleaner get to access the windows without having to climb on ladders, reducing the risks involved to both themselves and your property. There also won’t be holes forming on your intricate landscaping. What’s more, it enhances the privacy of the process. For instance, you don’t want a face popping up outside your bedroom or bathroom window in those upper floors. When you’re dealing with your client in your office, a person perched on a ladder outside the window just serves as a source of distraction,
preventing you from focusing on your activities. By using the water fed pole system, our window cleaning Dublin crew prevent such scenarios from playing out. In addition, the increased efficiency and safety levels mean that overly expensive and gear need not be incorporated. It lowers the cost of our operations. We then pass on these cost saving benefits to you, allowing you to reduce your window cleaning budget, while still delivering the expected quality of results.


2.  Experience and professionalism


You want to know that your investment is in good hands. By turning to our window cleaning Dublin professionals, you can rest assured that it will receive quality treatment, for superior results while protecting it at the same time. Our personnel have been thoroughly trained and have years of experience on the job. They have served clients in both residential and commercial niches, and have the technical expertise needed to tackle the different kind of window cleaning Dublin situations. They are also a friendly lot, handling your property like their own, and also aptly addressing any concerned and queries that you may have. This is to ensure that you are fully versed with the entire spectrum of the operations, and that you understand the processes that they employ while on your premises. They will also be able to spot errors in the premises that may be putting your windows at risk, such as broken seals, leaks in the frames, and the sills that are getting worn down. By bringing these issues to your attention you will be able to arrange to have them resolved, thereby averting damage to you property and huge losses in future. What’s more, they arrive on site in time and carry out the task diligently allowing you to accurately plan your schedule. The window cleaning crew handle themselves with decorum, to ensure that you enjoy the entire service.


3.  Open up your weekends


Chores upon chores are not how you picture a fruitful weekend. You don’t want those precious days off from work being spent shuttling around your property with a bucket, cloth, brush ad squeegee, scrubbing at the dirty windows. Not only does using improper equipment drag out the processes and cause you to end up spending more time, but there are also the DIY window cleaning risks to contend with, especially when you add ladders into the mix. Then there’s the quality of the results. You don’t want to spend hours of the hot afternoons, or the chilly winter days cleaning the window, only to end up with results that will frustrate you. Being forced to repeat the work only adds to your troubles. All this while you could have spent doing the things that tickle your fancy, from listening to music- whether its calm and soothing, or you’re blasting the radio and dancing your legs off, being a couch-potato as you binge watch the latest season of your favourite TV show, creating a new recipe as you experiment with different ingredients, getting some cardio workouts, stretching and going out for a jog, browsing for books online or heading to the local library, writing a story yourself or getting into some blogging, grooming your pet as you play and
feed it, organising for a spa date with your friends or rejuvenating with a bubble bath or aroma therapy bath in your own home, to meeting up with long distance relatives and spending time together as you catch up on your daily
lives, hosting a backyard barbeque, going down memory lane as you look through your college yearbooks, old family scrapbooks and albums, ticking some things off your bucket list like skydiving, doing some baking with your kids as you teach them and get messy together- they’ll love it, creating a soundtrack with your favourite songs, or making a mixed CD for your significant other, learning a new language or laughing your heart out at hilarious stand up comedies, picking up a new skill such as painting tor playing the piano, doing some gardening, going shopping, preparing a scrap book that you can flaunt out later, or even getting online for some gaming as you take on pros from around the world. After all, isn’t the purpose of your weekends and days-off to rejuvenate, and prepare yourself for the coming workdays? For business owners, pulling your employees from their workstations to send them to wash the windows comes at a price to your productivity. Your service delivery gets slowed or crippled altogether. There are also the risks of body injury that you will be putting them through, not to mention the high chances of getting results that are below par. Bring in our specialist Dublin cleaners who will deliver the expected quality, and allow your personnel to focus on their core mandate of serving your clients and growing your business.


4.  Covered and protected


When it comes to the safety of the process, lots of factors come into play. For starters, you want experts who put in place safety gear needed to protect your property and themselves. This avoids breakages and injuries. But what if they were to still occur? After all, accidents are by definition unpredictable events that cause harm. What if there is a mishap? The next safety net comes in- insurance and bonding. This means that in case something were to go wrong while the work is being done, claims can be filed and you will be compensated to recover any losses. It also protects you in case an employee acquires an injury while on your property or the equipment being used gets damaged. You also want to be sure that you’re actually working with professionals. Hence licensing is vital, as it means that the company being hired has gone through the processes required by law to be recognised as a professional service provider. It is proof that they will come with what is needed for the task, and there are records of the owners plus official addresses in case follow ups are needed to be made. Our window cleaning company has it all.


5.  Costs that suit your need


The window cleaning Dublin services come at an affordable cost, without compromising on the quality of the results that we deliver. The prices are not static, but rather tailored to suit your individual situation. Aspects ranging from the
amount of glass that needs cleaning- which encompasses the size and number of the panes and the level of soiling on them, the heights involved, fly-screens, even window types that require specialised treatment like louver blinds and colonial glass, to obstacles in accessing the windows including screwed-on security screens and grills, bushes and trees are considered when determining the cost.

Domestic Window Cleaners Dublin

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