Expert Services To Handle Your Window Cleaning Needs

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Expert Services To Handle Your Window Cleaning Needs

Expert Services To Handle Your Window Cleaning Needs


Windows bring the outdoors in. They enable you to enjoy the views outside your property while allowing light to brighten up the interior space, and enable proper ventilation for conducive living and working conditions. There are numerous styles and designs appealing to different tastes, from awning window that allow you to let in air and light even while it’s raining, casement windows that, in addition to the superb light and ventilation features, form a tight seal when closed thus increasing energy efficiency of the building and lowering electricity costs, double hung or single hung windows that open halfway, with both sashes being operable for the former, and one being moved up and down for the latter, picture windows that are commonly installed where airflow is not important but you simultaneously want to increase light and provide visual appeal, bay windows that add to the architecture with angles and projections that enable lighting from different directions, louvered windows that enhance privacy and security, hopper windows that are basically like the casement ones but flip to the side hence increasing ventilation in areas where space is limited, to skylights and egress windows, gable windows that are installed -as you can tell by the name- on the gable side of the building, all through to the floor to ceiling windows that are meant to make a dramatic impact on occupants plus the persons walking by the building. Regardless of the kind of installation you have for your establishment, it still comes under a barrage of abuse from everyday issues, ranging from dust and insect waste, to the smoke from vehicle exhaust or cigarettes. The dust layers and dirt spots reduce the amount of light getting into the building and come in the way of the outdoor view. They even
cast shadows all over your furniture and the walls in the interior space, ruining the ambience. Those are not the conditions that you want for your living or working environment. There’s even risk of damage, like when gunk in the window sills causes one to exert more pressure than is needed to open or close the window, which results in breakages. You want to be able to protect your investment. Turn to our professional window cleaning company.


Window cleaning seems like a simple task, but it hardly ever is. Going the DIY route ends up consuming loads of time and energy, and with results that are below par, one gets frustrated by the outcome. Take for instance simply spraying the cleaning product onto the window and lathering it up. Doing this on a hot day means that the sun’s rays will dry up the glass faster than you can rinse it, leaving behind ugly marks. Even tiny mistakes have a huge impact- like cleaning the sills before working on the glass pane. The cleaning solution that was used on the glass will drop onto the sill, meaning that you will need to do it all over again. Going back to the cleaning solutions used, the heat is not your only problem. The chemicals create charge on the windows, which attracts dirt. The soapy agents used also leave behind films of residue, that easily traps dust particles floating about. Using conventional tools that work on other surfaces around the establishment to clean the window have various effects. Hard-bristled brushes scratch the surface, the same case when using razors to scrape off the stuck-on grime, while improvising with paper products such as tissues, kitchen rolls, and even newspapers means you end up with bits all over, plus smudges from the print’s ink. It’s also annoying when the papers keep tearing. Your safety as you go about the cleaning is also at risk. Take for instance climbing up a ladder to access those high-rise windows. You’ll be balancing with cleaning equipment, and still stretching to reach to the corners and edges of the windows. There are plenty of things that can go wrong, all resulting in you crashing down. The fall can cause a minor sprain or create fractures depending on how high up you were. You don’t want to go through all this and still risk ending up with windows that are dull and dirtied due to improper processes being applied. Get things done right by hiring specialist Dublin window cleaners.


What You Get from Engaging Professional Dublin Window Cleaners


1.  Pure water window cleaning systems


The window cleaning industry has grown in leaps and bounds over the past years. Technology has come from using harsh chemicals and foamy solutions that either caused damage to the windows or left behind unsatisfactory results. The goals is always simplicity but effectiveness. This has seen the surge in the popularity
of pure water window cleaning. It’s a straightforward rationale: the mineral elements and solid particles in the mains water are left behind when it dries up on the window- so remove them. Water that is pure wants to restore its natural impure state- so the cleaning will be more thorough as the water rolls down the glass surface absorbing the soiling, gunk and organic matter. Hence, a stringent purification process is put in place. Reverse osmosis, where water is forced under high pressure through pre-filters, and then over deionisation resins, produces laboratory-grade pure water. It is completely stripped of the natural minerals that occur in the water, plus any additives that were infused during the treatment process before it had been fed into the mains supply. The end-product of this purification is what is used by our Dublin window cleaners to work on your establishment. The water has enhanced cleaning efficacy, and since there is no residue left behind after the window dries, it remains cleaner for longer- reducing the number of times that the process needs to be carried out. Water fed poles are used. Here, the water is forced up telescopic poles, and comes out in jets at the head. The poles themselves have brushes with soft bristles, that are used to scrub the soiling, and break it down, making it easier for it to be washed off the window. The high reach poles have the additional benefit of enabling the Dublin window cleaners to produce high standards of results from the safety of the ground, without needing to go for
expensive access equipment. This reduces the costs of the process, and the savings are passed on to you, our client. The method is also more efficient since less time is needed during set up. The window cleaning Dublin team comes with gear mounted on trucks, with the enhanced mobility allowing them to work from a wide radius around the establishment. All the power and water needed for the process is delivered by the systems in the truck, so you won’t have to worry about the crew relying on your establishment’s supply and affecting your monthly bills.


2.  Proficient window cleaning services


You can confidently rely on our professionals, as they have been taken through the necessary training, and have years of experience to boot, to deal with your residential or commercial window cleaning Dublin needs. In addition, the crew are constantly updating their knowledge base and skill set to keep in line with industry best standards, and the technology evolving with each passing day. This is to ensure that you get modernised solutions that deliver quality results each time. Our goal is to win your satisfaction- after all, our business needs that to happen for it to thrive. Hence, we go out of our way to ensure that you are pleased with the entire process. This ranges from delivering quality results, to how our Dublin window cleaners carry themselves while on your premises. They stick to a professional code of conduct, and are also friendly, creating an atmosphere that you can relax in and have your needs met and questions answered. When it comes to time, they also don’t disappoint.
The window cleaning Dublin crew will arrive at your premises at the set time, and go about the task with proficiency, reducing the disruption to your establishment without affecting the quality of the results. In case there are aspects in home or business premises that are putting the window at risk, such as weather stripping that affects the frame and sills or even leaking seals, they will notify you, meaning that you can have the issue fixed before it worsens and causes large scale damage later on.


3.  Avoid the workload


The hustle and bustle of everyday work or life is compounded when you have an intense window cleaning job waiting for you at home. You can barely enjoy your weekends or days off from work when you’re spending them climbing on ladders and scrubbing down grime from windows. The time and energy expended during the process is not the only issue. There are the risks that come with the DIY job as covered earlier, plus the frustrations when you end up with unsatisfactory results. This will force you to either endure the windows in their dilapidated state, or redo the entire processes, taking more of your free time away from you. All this while you could have spent it doing things you love, whether it is going outdoors for a picnic, camping, hiking the trails or going for a bike ride,
joining a dance or yoga class, doing some painting, playing board games like monopoly or scrabble, or even card games like poker, or sitting back with a beer and watching the league games as you cheer on your favourite team, going on a scavenger hunt with your friends, coming up with a new recipe that you will surprise your family with at the dinner table, bringing out your movie collection and rewatching an oldie-but-a-goodie, or coming up to speed with the newly released episodes of your favourite show, unwinding at the garden as you fix up your plants, or going to the park with your kids and pets, or even attending that party that your friend is throwing, organising one yourself and inviting people over, having a get together with your family, taking your kids out to the park or art gallery, trying out new restaurants in your vicinity and going online to rate them, learning a new skill be it juggling balls or playing an instrument, grilling something new, scanning your old photographs and sorting
them into a digital file, becoming a tourist of your own town as you check out its sights and sounds, embracing the environmentalist in you as you organise a neighbourhood cleanup, grabbing your poles and hitting the pond for some fishing, or heading to the library and finding yourself a good read. Free yourself by calling in our expert Dublin window cleaners. In your business premises, your employees already have a lot on their plate attending to the customers who have come to seek your products and services. Getting them to work on the windows takes them away from their workstations, which puts their productivity on the line. This has a negative impact on how your operations are carried out, diminishing your revenue and affecting your business brand. That’s in addition to the risks to the windows and staff themselves as they go about the task without the appropriate equipment and safety gear. Things don’t have to take this trajectory. Protect your business and personnel by bringing in our
expert window cleaning Dublin crew.


4.  Stability and peace of mind


We send screened, qualified, trustworthy, and dependable Dublin window cleaners to your establishment. The appropriate safety measures are put in place to avoid accidents and inconveniences from cropping up. Moreover, our services are fully insured, meaning that your property, our personnel and the equipment they use are covered in case of any unfortunate incidence.


5.  Pocket friendly prices


Everyone’s situation is unique. There is no one size fits all. As such, we have designed our window cleaning Dublin pricing structure to factor in your particular needs. Different aspects are taken into account, such as how many windows there are, how long it has been since your previous (if any) professional window cleaning, the frequency with which you’d like to schedule the services, and even the types of windows themselves- including their styles, size and heights, screen cleaning, situations such as working on the sliding glass doors, all through to those post-construction clean-ups where there can be cement and paint residue stuck on the glass panes. Hence, you get to receive quality services and make cost savings simultaneously

Expert Services To Handle Your Window Cleaning Needs

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