Expert Window Cleaning Crew You Can Rely On

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Expert Window Cleaning Crew You Can Rely On

Expert Window Cleaning Crew You Can Rely On

Windows come in all shapes and sizes. From the double hung windows that have upper and lower sashes and give the building a classic look, casement windows where grilles divide the glass to enhance detail, and are popular for English Tudor and some cottage-styled architecture, all through to fixed widows that are only glass and frame, and are intended to provide a dramatic view of the outdoors without being opened. Some buildings literally have a wall of glass, where multiple fixed windows are put up next to each other. Awning windows, storm, bow and bay windows that make the interior space look and feel more spacious, sliding and double glazed windows, wooden shaft windows- it all depends on the style of the building and the taste of the property owner. There are even specialty windows that come with different colours ranging from white and beige to cocoa brown. The primary roles of the windows are to aerate the interior space when open, let in the light, and keep out the elements. Though the styles vary from one building to the next, one factor remains constant- they will get dirty. Residential establishments, business premises, health care centres, retail stores, schools all through to churches- the windows build up grime over time, which affects their visibility, and even puts their structural integrity at risk. What’s more, they ruin the curb appeal of the premises. Getting the right window installation for your establishment no doubt came with a hefty price tag, and you want to protect your investment. You can achieve this with professional window cleaning services.

Reasons To Dial Up The Professional Window Cleaning Team

  1. Pure water technology

Our window cleaning professionals use pure water to obtain the sparkling results you desire. This is water that has been taken through laboratory-grade purification processes, from being pressurised through pre-filters and taken through deionisation, and even reverse osmosis, to remove all the contaminants, chemicals, and natural minerals that are in the water. Why all the fuss? Water that achieves this level of purity has outstanding cleaning attributes. First, it naturally attracts soiling, hence it makes pulling the grime off the windows easier. Secondly, it doesn’t leave behind streaks or smears. There will be no residue to worry about. In fact, the window can be left to dry naturally, extra measures like wiping the glass not being required. The pure water is contained in the truck-mounted units that our window cleaning personnel come with to your property. This, in addition to the rest of the set-up, from the high rise telescopic poles that get to those hard-to-reach windows, to the soft-bristled brushes at the top of the pole that are used for the scrubbing action, delivers quality results in moments. For those stubborn spots, our personnel also come packed it hand tools and cleaning solutions formulated to take care of the unique scenarios.

  1. Side-step DIY pitfalls

Tackling the window cleaning job without the requisite skills or equipment comes with loads of risks to both the window and yourself. For instance, opting to use the brush that you use on other household cleaning tasks on the window will leave scratches on it. Those hard bristles that scrub the grime off the countertops, cabinets and floors will ruin the glass panes. A similar case applies to the cleaning solutions that are used on other surfaces in the establishment. Harsh products, such as acidic cleaners can actually etch the glass surface. There are those that will react with the metal frames and seals, corroding them and weakening their structure. Some solvents even release toxic fumes, that once inhaled cause aspects like dizziness, headaches, and other body ailments. Other DIYers can choose to use the garden hoses or power washes to hose down the window. After all, you only need a jet of water, right? Wrong. These equipment supply water at such a high pressure that, while effective at blasting grime off your floors and even sidewalks, can right out shatter the brittle glass. You want to get rid of the grime on your windows, not watch the panes break into a dozen pieces. What of the results? Soapy residue on the glass that is a dirt magnet, streaks left behind that ruin the appeal of the window- they can be frustrating, especially after you spent all that time, energy and cleaning supplies on the job. Working on high rise windows with a ladder is a risk by itself, due to the high likelihood of fall accidents. Just one mistake on the footing can send you hurtling down, together with the rest of the cleaning supplies that you hand climbed up with. Why take yourself through all this? Dial up our window cleaning professionals to take the burden off your back.

  1. Eco-friendly window cleaning

You want to get the windows in your establishment clean without increasing your carbon footprint, or putting the biodiversity around you at risk. Our window cleaning services have been structured with environmental safety in mind. First, since pure water systems are employed, you won’t have to worry about toxic chemicals being released onto your landscaping or fumes being generated. There also won’t be a forest of paper towels being tossed away. The water fed pole system is also conservative, and only the required quantities are used, and the energy consumption is optimised for efficiency. With clean windows, your building’s energy management also improves. The dust and dirt layers that build up in the glass prevent adequate flow of heat in and out of the building. As such, you end up working your HVAC units harder and for longer. The dirt also prevents sufficient natural sunlight from getting in. At times it gets so bad that all the building’s lights are switched on in the middle of the day, racking up your power bills. The window cleaning eliminates the source of the problem, which allows you to reduce your power consumption.

You get all this without having to drain the bank. Our window cleaning services are affordable, and the costs tailored to suit your specific needs. From the type and number of the windows to be worked on, the level of soiling, all through to how often you want to schedule the services, there are packages available to meet your situation.

Expert Window Cleaning Crew You Can Rely On

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