Get Sparkling Windows With Expert Cleaning Services

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Get Sparkling Windows With Expert Cleaning Services

Get Sparkling Windows With Expert Cleaning Services


With every passing day, there is dirt accumulating on the window. It can be anything from the ordinary dust, to particles like smoke in the air getting absorbed by the glass surface. It’s not actually as flat as it looks, with the tiny ridges and valleys on the glass surface being able to trap the particles that are floating about. Then there are those cases of insects running across its surface, leaving behind whatever is on their legs, plus their own body waste, in their wake. As rain washes down the walls, and through the screens, dirt particles get slammed against the window surface. Sometimes it’s just dust on the glass that had formed an even coat, which gets distorted as the water droplets run down the window, creating unsightly paths. The dirt particles make it difficult to see out of the window, coming in between you and that elegant view outside. They also affect how light gets into the interior space. Issues like a dull environment to shadows getting cast all over are common. Even the heat efficiency of the window is ruined, as the dirt prevents proper flow through the glass. This is not the reality you want to live or work in. You invested heavily in getting the window that matches the architectural style of the building, whether it’s double hung windows with two sashes that slide up and down, single-hungs where only the lower sash gets to move, casement windows that swing out allowing air to flow freely through the entire opening and are popular for contemporary and Prairie-style homes, slider windows that are basically like a double-hung on its side and usually have screens mounted outside and their lower tracks building up dirt fast, awning windows that can be swung out upwards and left open even when it’s raining, hopper windows with their bottom hinges that enables them to swing inwards, or tilt-turn windows that can either tilt in with hopper-action or pivot-in like with a door, which depends on how you turn their handles, fixed windows that don’t have an operable sash, hence only let in the light and are ideally for inaccessible areas. Protect your investment and get the most out of your window by bringing in our professional window cleaning Dublin team.


Window cleaning is not just about picking up a piece of cloth, splashing some water at the window and rubbing it across. In fact, that will leave it with smears. The detergents and other cleaning solutions that are highly effective on other surfaces around the establishment when used on the glass can end up damaging

  1. Etching, destroying the protective coating that comes with modern glass installations are common results of the DIY window cleaning process. Then there’s the issue of the film of residue left behind. It traps the dust particles floating around, increasing the rate of resoiling. Proper tools are needed for the task, otherwise one risks leaving behind unsightly spots and streaks, or scratching the glass. The biggest risk to the window comes when it is cleaned roughly when trying to get rid of the stubborn dirt. This ranges from using razor blades to scrape it off, hard bristled brushes to scrub the glass, all through to blasting down your window with pressurised water from the

power washer. Marks, damaged sills, shattered glass are all on the cards. Experience also factors in. There are different types of windows, and various modes of attending to each of them. When the wrong agents are used, issues like corroding the protective coating that comes on modern glass can result. A similar case will apply to the sills and frames. If incompatible chemicals are used, they will be worn down, which affects their structural integrity. Add risk to yourself to the list of troubles with DIY window cleaning. In order to access to those hard-to-reach windows, one may go for a ladder. Cleaning while balancing high above the ground is a recipe for a nasty crash. Moreover, when you come down, the rest of the cleaning supplies that you had carried up with you will follow suit, damaging your landscaping. The amount of time and effort, plus the dangers involved, then ending up with unsatisfactory results can be frustrating. Avoid it all by calling in our expert Dublin window cleaners.


What You Get From Professional Dublin Window Cleaners


  1. Water fed pole system


The cleaning processes used involve pure water being pumped up high reach poles to the window, where it is sprayed onto the glass while brushes at the end of the poles scrub the soiling to dislodge it from the window structure. Spotless results are achieved quickly, without posing risk to the property, or to the Dublin window cleaners. The effectiveness of the process lies in the details. First off is the water itself. It is 100% pure, having been thoroughly filtered, and taken through processes such as reverse osmosis and deionisation. This removes the chemicals that may have been infused into the water during the treatment processes, plus mineral salts and other solids dissolved in it. That way, as the window dries, sediments won’t be left behind on the glass, ensuring a streak-free finish. The purity of the waster also adds to the efficacy of the cleaning process. It easily absorbs the soiling and organic matter that’s on the windows, washing it down and off the glass, frames and sills. This is because water is naturally impure and unbalanced, and wants to restore this state. When it comes to the brushes, the bristles are soft but tough, scrubbing

away the gunk without scratching the glass. The fibres also don’t absorb water, ensuring that the scrubbing action is not hampered. The poles are telescopic, and have high reach. This means that even those windows on the upper floors of the establishment can be given a thorough wash without our window cleaning Dublin crew having to get off the ground. It also takes away the need for using ladders, thus averting the dangers that they bring to your establishment and our crew. Since heavy and expensive safety equipment is not needed, the costs of the processes are lowered. Hence, we make savings with the operations, which we pass on over to you, thus lowering the price of our window cleaning services. Moreover, using telescopic poles enhances the privacy of the cleaning. You can

carry out your duties in your bedroom and bathrooms on the upper floors of the house without having to keep worrying about persons peering through the windows. Not that they would anyway, as our personnel are qualified

professionals who respect both your property and your privacy, and carry themselves appropriately.


  1. Team that delivers


With our window cleaning Dublin services, it’s more than just getting rid of the dirt and grime on the glass. We focus on the entire process, from when you book your session, the punctuality with which the Dublin window cleaners arrive at your premises, how they answer the questions and queries that you may have, all through to how

they treat your property. Our personnel have had thorough training, and are always updating their skills and the equipment they use to keep in line with the evolving technology and industry best practices. They also have a vast

range of expertise that spans over the years, dealing with both residential and commercial window cleaning Dublin needs. Hence, they will be able to apply the most suitable measures to handle your particular type of window, ensuring that you get spotless results without risking its structural integrity. In fact, they will also spot those overlooked aspects in your establishment that are putting the window at risk, such as deteriorating seals that are allowing air into the space between panes of double and triple-paned windows, movable parts that require lubrication in order to operate more effortlessly, failing weather-strips on the window sashes that let in drafts, or even the decay of glazing putty on the glass, and then advise you on steps that you can take to have them rectified in order to avoid the hefty bills that come with making replacements. Moreover, our window cleaning Dublin crew are friendly and courteous, addressing you professionally and also treating your property as their own. This, in addition to their strict adherence to schedule, enables you to enjoy the entirety of the process.


  1. Free up time to do things you love


After a busy week on the grind, you ought to take some time off and relax. That’s what weekends are for anyway. Two days away from the pressures of the workplace, where you can focus on yourself, to build on your personal well-being. Even those off-days from work that comes once in a while are to be grabbed with zeal. There’s plenty you can do, from going for a brisk walk or run, swimming at the leisure centre near you, learning some magic tricks to impress your friends or surprise your kids with, drumming with an actual drum or some percussive objects around the house, turning on the radio and dancing away to your favourite songs, engaging in community sports such as football, basketball or cricket, joining a film or book club, heading out to a local park to see nature in action, doing some gardening whether its indoors or in your yard, visiting friends and family and hanging out for an entire day as you catch up on the activities you’ve been engaged in, to visiting the park to enjoy the swings and seesaws that are fun regardless of what age you are, taking up online French, Japanese, Italian classes to add foreign languages to your

resume, reading literature ranging from fiction to inspirational works, doing volunteer work for a charity, visiting museums or a wildlife centre and taking your kids along with you, preparing some homemade pizza or baking a loaf, and playing different games with your children such as hide and seek, hopscotch, or building a fort with your duvet, sofa or cardboard boxes. Why miss these opportunities to tackle the stubborn dirt and grime on the window? Without the required machinery and expertise, the task can end up taking ages, chewing off a huge portion of your free time, and not to mention putting your windows and yourself at risk of damage and injury respectively. Things can be prevented from taking this path by simply leaving the task to our qualified Dublin window cleaners. Your business needs to be running optimally in order for you to meet your goals and satisfy your customers. That will be put in jeopardy when your employees are spending their time working on the windows. First, they’ll take longer

without the specialised gear for taking care of the job. Secondly, they will be facing the full scale of risks of the DIY cleaning. Thirdly, in case of workplace injuries, there’ll be the lawsuits to contend with, in addition to the amount of time lost when they take time off-duty. You just wanted the dirt and grime off the windows, not to have your productivity and revenue take a hit. You don’t have to take the risks. Simply turn to our professional window cleaning company to take care of your needs.


  1. Trusted services


Our window cleaning Dublin services are fully insured. This means that you can rest assured that you’re covered in case of any eventuality. This is further proof to the level of professionalism with which we provide our services. What’s more, we’ve have done thorough background checks on all our personnel, ensuring that you can trust them while on your property.




  1. Where quality meets affordability


You get these services without breaking the bank. The Window cleaning Dublin pricing structure has been designed to enable you to make savings without compromising on the quality of the results delivered. Different factors that are unique to your situation, such as the number of panes, how dirty the windows are, and whether more tools and equipment are needed to get the task done, screen cleaning, working on sliding glass doors, height of the building, and even the frequency with which you want the window cleaning Dublin services to be scheduled are taken into account.

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