Get Your Windows Cleaned The Professional Way

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Get Your Windows Cleaned The Professional Way

Get Your Windows Cleaned The Professional Way

Everyone wants clean and clear windows. Whether it’s to give you a great view of the world outside your home or office, enhance your curb appeal, or simply impress your customers, guests or neighbours, spot-free windows are the way to go. You can achieve this with professional window cleaning services.


Your windows accumulate dirt from all sorts of sources. The first is always the environment. There are dust and dirt particles floating around, and they get adhered to the glass surface. The window glass is porous. If you were to take a closer microscopic look at it, you’d see the valleys and ridges, which easily trap the airborne particles. Then there’s the occasional bird droppings and insect gunk that form streaks all over the glass surface, and on the window sills. Don’t forget over spray and rust around the frames. Metal around the exterior window that’s exposed to humid conditions or rain can deteriorate and slowly become oxidised. This will damage the glass and give it a hazy “white etched” look. Regular window cleaning services will enable you prevent the dirt build up on the glass, and protect it from oxidation.


Waterborne pollutants also soil your windows. Water from your sprinkler system and garden hoses comes with mineral content that’s deposited on the surface. When the windows dry, you’ll notice that they become foggy. Sometimes the mineral build-up is so excessive that it causes water stains on the glass. In addition, when it rains, the water passes over the screens and onto the glass. The screens are designed to prevent dirt, pest residue, pollen and debris from damaging your window. The rain picks up this dirt and slams it against the window glass. As the water dries, you are left with an unsightly window. Hire professional window cleaning services to restore the gleam and glam of your windows.


Are Your Windows A Health Hazard?

Did you know that your windows are a source of allergens? The glass itself is harmless, but it traps different kinds of dirt that can trigger coughs, asthma attacks, wheezing, and other respiratory problems. When these allergens float away and land on your skin, they can cause reactions such as hives and skin rashes. Then there’s the dust and pollen from the atmosphere, which settles on the glass and window sills. Where there is dust, dust mites soon follow. Add the smoke from car exhausts and cigarettes, which gets trapped in the window structure. Damp frames, window blinds, shades and rollers create perfect conditions for mould and mildew to grow. These release spores into the air that can be breathed in. Window cleaning will improve the health and hygiene of your establishment, protecting your family members at home, and your employees and clients at the office.


Specialised Window Cleaning Services

Different windows have different care needs. Some of the most common types include laminated, argon-filled and tempered glass. Each have their benefits. Tempered is the stronger option, used in premises where safety is a major concern. Laminated glass cuts down on the noise on a property, and also protects furniture, rags and upholstery from fading due to the sun. Argon-filled glass is popular for its insulation, and it reduces the energy costs in a building. Bevelled or stained glasses are used on windows mainly to accentuate the design of a property. You want window cleaning experts who understand the different types of glass, and the most effective method of approach to ensure they are cleaned thoroughly and safely.


The Pure Water Effect

Have you ever cleaned your windows only for them to appear milky or streaky when they dried? You may not have even used products like all-purpose cleaners. The residue can be left behind when you simply use tap water. Sometimes you’re able to write on the glass with your finger. This phenomenon is caused by the dissolved minerals in the tap water. They are left behind as residue after the water evaporates. If you use soaps and detergents, a film will be formed on the glass surface, which will accelerate the rate of resoiling. Effective window cleaning requires 100% pure water. That’s why you call in the professionals, who have it ready for you. It’s been treated and purified, and brings a spot-free shine to your windows. The glass won’t have any residue or films, so dust and airborne dirt particles will not easily stick to the surface. This means that your windows will stay cleaner for longer.


A Look At Domestic Window Cleaning

In order to have a sparkling home, your windows need to look their best. You won’t enjoy the view of your lawn if your windows are covered in grime and bird droppings. Window cleaning is a delicate procedure. Using the wrong cleaning agents and chemicals will damage the glass. You want to get rid of the gunk, not cause the windows to etch. In addition to that, you can spend your entire afternoon working on your windows only to be left with unsightly smears and streaks. It’s exasperating to spend your weekend working on your windows and still have to deal with unsatisfying results. Avoid the hassle. Let the experts handle it. Get your home looking nice and fresh by calling up professional window cleaning services.


Your safety is also on the line. DIY cleaning jobs are taxing, and there’s the risk involved when accessing high windows. Injuries caused by people falling from ladders are common. Avoid the risk by hiring window cleaning experts. They have the equipment and skills necessary to bring a sparkle to even those hard-to-reach windows. They use systems such as water fed poles that enable the personnel to clean from the safety of the ground. That means there will be no accidents occurring on your property. There’s also the added benefit of increased privacy. You won’t have to worry about a face popping outside your bedroom window. The window cleaning experts will effectively wash your windows while you enjoy the comfort of your home uninterrupted.


Why Should You Hire Domestic Window Cleaning Services?

1. Aesthetic appeal

Beauty always comes first. Most people don’t even know how dirty their windows are. When they are given a thorough clean, they are shocked by the difference. Don’t wait until when you’re hosting a party or an event in your home to get your windows cleaned. Have it done regularly throughout the year. Window cleaning will enhance the beauty and elegance of your home. Your guests will come in saying “Your house looks amazing! What did you do?” You can then tell them about the life changer that is professional domestic window cleaning. Whether it’s a new apartment, a house you’ve been living in for years, or you’re doing a renovation for your home, widow cleaning will add that touch of sophistication you desire. You will be able to enjoy the view over your courtyard, garden or balcony.


2. Window cleaning protects your glass.

The grit and dust are abrasive, and they can end up damaging the windows. You’ll be forced to incur huge funds to get the window replaced. The window cleaning prevents degradation and the build-up of minerals, which increases the life of the glass, including the window tracks plus the fly screens. The domestic window cleaning services are available to all kinds of residential properties, from flats and simplexes all through to townhouses.


3. Domestic window cleaning is an all-round process.

The professionals cover both internal and external surfaces of the window. Your children and pets, plus candles and fireplaces can all make your windows dirty on the inside. The window cleaning also covers your skylights and conservatories, and washing the window sills. They even remove the cobwebs around your windows. Since they are experienced, they are able to spot hidden dangers around the windows that can cause future problems- like damaged windows or corroded sash cords. They also give you tips and advice on how to maintain the sparkle of your windows all year round.


4. It brightens up your interior space.

Your windows are the main source of natural light in your home. Have you ever wondered why carpets look dirtier at night? That’s because during the day, natural light tends to hide stains in your carpet and upholstery. It makes dingy old spaces look fresh and revitalised. In addition, natural light brings warmth into your home. This comes in handy during those cold mornings or winter months. Window cleaning will enable the sun’s warmth to easily stream into your home. This further reduces the amount of money you spend on your heating and air conditioning system.


5. Increase the value of your home.

Hiring domestic window cleaning services before a valuation, auction, display or inspection of the property will increase its real estate value. First, it paints the picture of a properly maintained home. Secondly, it makes the interior space look fresher and brighter. This is because the light that the windows let in illuminates the entire house. In case your house is on the market, like if you’re a realtor looking to make a sale, or to rent out the property, you’ll increase the value of the home, which will give you more profits from your investment.


6. Avoid risks of accidents and breakage.

The window cleaning professionals use safe procedures to get your windows gleaming. For instance, the windows are scrubbed using soft bristled brushes, then rinsed using jets of pure water. This is water that has been taken through different treatment stages to ensure that it has no minerals or contaminants. It’s so pure that when its left to dry on the surface of your windows, it leaves no streaks or residue. Lack of residue also reduces the rate at which the window gets resoiled.


7. Your windows get cleaned quickly.

The experts have invested heavily in the latest window cleaning technology to ensure that they deliver fast and professional results. They come in fully equipped vehicles that have everything they need for the job. They will be done with the cleaning task as soon as possible, usually taking just a few minutes. This is much less than the entire Saturday afternoon that you’d have spent working on your windows.


Tips To Keep Your Windows Clean At Home

· Have your windows cleaned regularly. It’s recommended that you get professional window cleaning services for your home 2-3 times a year. In case you live near a busy street, monthly cleaning is advised. Homes in coastal areas will need washing at least 2 times a month, due to the high build-up of salt on the glass surface. Regular washing will have the glass gleaming all year round.


· Inspect your windows every season. Check all regions, from the window frame to the sash. Look for signs of rot. This would indicate that there’s moisture infiltration. In case you have double or triple-paned windows and there’s moisture, then the seal may have failed and needs replacement. Seal failure also reduces your windows’ insulation capacity. Also check whether the paint on the frames has peeled off. This is mainly caused by sunlight, and can be quickly fixed. In fact, the wooden and metal window frames should be repainted every 3-4 years, to provide protection against the weather elements, and to maintain their appearance. Ensure that you do not paint over the moving parts, or when the window is shut, to prevent it from getting stuck.


· In case you have weather stripping on your windows, check its condition and replace it if it has worn out. If there are any gaps between the window casing and wall, fill them up with caulk.

· Regularly have your window shades, rollers, blinds and curtains washed to prevent dust accumulation.

· Give your windows mid-week wipes to remove smudges and fingerprints left behind by your children and pets. Use a soft cloth.

· Vacuum the window sills occasionally to prevent a build-up of dirt.

· Never use abrasive nylon pads on your windows. They may be effective on your glass dishes and beverage bottles, but window glass is much softer than that.

· Rearrange your sprinkler systems to prevent the water from getting to the windows. This water usually has minerals like calcium, which can get deposited onto the glass surface, and etch it over time.

· It’s recommended that you get a glass sealant for your windows. It provides a layer of protection by forming an invisible barrier between the surface, and hard water and air borne pollutants, keeping your window cleaner for longer.

· Change your furnace filters regularly. This will reduce the amount of dust particles in your ventilation system that eventually get deposited onto the window surface.

· Trim the landscaping and keep it away from the windows. The trees and bushes will create and trap pollen and dust, which can easily get transferred to the window surface. In case it rains and the bushes are close to the window, the dirt will be splashed onto the glass.


A Look At Commercial Window Cleaning

Your windows are the first thing your customers will see as they walk onto your premises. You want to make a great first impression. You may also be in the retail business, where your shop front windows are your avenue to showcase your goods and wares to attract customers. Dirt and smudge will get in the way and create a poor impression of the products and services you have to offer. No one wants to eat in a restaurant with windows that are covered in grease and handprints. If the business owner can neglect the windows, what of back in the kitchen where people can’t see? You want to project the right image to your clientele. Turn to professional commercial window cleaning services to get the windows sparkling.


Commercial window cleaning covers all kinds of enterprises, from office buildings in the CBD, hotels and guest houses, academies, shop fit outs, retail shop fronts, shopping centres, restaurants and food outlets, showrooms and car yards, and even refurbished commercial buildings, plus health care centres, nursing and retirement homes.


Why Should You Hire Commercial Window Cleaning Services?

1. Give your business an impeccable image.

You don’t want people thinking that your facility is sloppy. Show your customers the level of standards of service delivery to expect from your business. Commercial window cleaning shows that you value quality, and pay attention to even the small details. Increasing positive customer perception of your business results in greater profitability.


2. Promote health in the office.

You want to create an atmosphere that’s safe and conducive to work in. Commercial window cleaning gets rid of the build-up of dirt and dust on the glass surfaces, preventing it from being spread into the interior space, thus protecting your clients and staff from ailments.

3. Maintain the structural integrity of the windows.

You don’t want to spend your revenue fixing damaged windows. Regular commercial window cleaning protects the glazing of your windows and extends the life expectancy of your windows


4. Improve productivity at the workplace.

First, getting specialised commercial window cleaning services leaves your staff free to focus on their core mandate, which is growing your business. Secondly, people want to work in a clean environment. Your staff finds it hard to concentrate when there is so much clutter around, and dirt on the windows only aggravates the situation. You also want to let more sunlight into the office. This will ensure the office rooms and cubicles receive ample heat, especially during cold days. As such, window cleaning will help your employees feel more comfortable to do their work. It also shows them that you care about their welfare at the workplace, thus making them more eager to achieve your business goals.


5. Preserve the environment.

Did you know that dirty windows increase air pollution? You may be harming the environment around your office building. The glass traps pollutants like smoke particles from car exhausts. These contain nitrogen oxides. When sunlight hits the build-up of dust and grime on the glass surface, it aggravates nitrogen gases, which ends up creating smog. It’s part of the reason why there is so much smog in urban areas with numerous office buildings.


6. Safe window cleaning

Window cleaning is dangerous for persons without the proper training and tools. You don’t want workplace injuries. The commercial window cleaning personnel come with the right equipment to complete the job effectively and safely. They can handle even high rise buildings, and know the precautionary measures to take to avoid accidents such as window breakages, or injuries to the window cleaning personnel.


7. Meet lease requirements.

In case you’ve leased the office space, maintaining the property is a crucial part of the lease. Commercial window cleaning services will enable you to protect the windows and enhance their life span, preventing damage and enabling you to adhere to the requirements in the lease agreement. In addition, the window cleaning personnel will spot problems early, enabling you to report them to the building management and get them fixed quickly. This will enable you to avoid future liabilities.

Tips To Keep Your Office Windows Clean

· Take the necessary steps to maintain the structural integrity of your window. You don’t want gaps around your window allowing air to come in, and encouraging the loss of warm air from your office’s interior. This will reduce the energy efficiency of your office space and lead to higher energy costs. Replace any worn out rubber seals, to reduce water and air leaks, and to help secure the window in place. Fix any cracks, splinters or holes as soon as possible. The longer you wait the more your window will deteriorate.

· When the premises is being painted, ensure that the windows are covered. Paint is corrosive to glass, and when left for long on the window, it can cause permanent staining. Covering up the window during the painting operation eliminates the risk.

· Regularly maintain the gutters of the building. If they get dirty or clogged, the dirt and debris in them can get splashed onto the window surfaces especially during storms. Overflowing gutters cause waster to pour down over the window, leading to more build-up of dirt.

When it comes to window cleaning, you want to hire a company that is fully insured, and has personnel that are both dedicated and courteous. The workers compensation insurance protects the personnel in case they get injured while on your property, and the liability insurance covers your property in the event of any accident. Window cleaning experts pride themselves in professionalism and a commitment to quality.


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