Getting Professional Help For Your Post Construction Window Cleaning

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Getting Professional Help For Your Post Construction Window Cleaning

Getting Professional Help For Your Post Construction Window Cleaning

This is arguably one of the most laborious types of window cleaning jobs. In fact, many contractors in the industry shy away from it. Just strike up a conversation with some and see the responses. From those who dread the task, others who only do it if they have to, those who accept the post construction jobs only when times are hard and they are limited for choice, to those who flatly refuse to do it- reactions vary. It’s not an enviable task. After construction and renovation jobs, there are all sorts of gunk on the windows. Stickers, glue, tape that needs to be removed, paint overspray, wallpaper adhesives, that drywall mud that has caked onto the glass panes, mortar and brick sealer that’s stuck to the windows, to other materials that were being used during the project and ended up coating the panes and frames of the window. Just why is it dreaded? Let’s look at a coupled of the reasons:


  • Defective installations


It’s the elephant in the room. Was the window installation done properly? Is it sturdy enough to handle the gear that will be used during the window cleaning process? Risks are heightened with installations like tempered glass. Dealing with debris on defective installations is a recipe for disaster. All it takes is a few movements with the scarper to wreak havoc, and suddenly there is a huge repair bill. The fact is that such abrasive tools are needed to get rid of the gunk that is on the windows in these situations. That mortar, glue and adhesives won’t come off with a simple scrubbing with brushes. Tools like scrapers are needed for the task. The problem comes in when the window itself has issues, from being poorly installed, or there weren’t proper control measures that were followed by the glass manufacturers. This puts it out of the scope of the window cleaner, who faces a delicate balancing act. 

To deal with this, waivers have become a staple in the window cleaning industry. Basically, these are drafted to protect the cleaning crew from liability, in case damage is discovered with the windows which resulted from the installation process. What about you as the property owner? The necessity of hiring professionals for the task cannot be overemphasised here. You want to deal with personnel who have an intricate knowledge of window structures and how to handle the different installations, including the tempered glasses with its fabricated debris. This will be key in enabling them to determine the appropriate tools for the task, in order to prevent the damage from occurring. 


  • Too much gunk on the windows


This is straightforward. A construction site will wreak havoc on those new windows that were installed. Mortar that was dropped onto the panes as the masons were going about their tasks, oil-based paint that was accidentally sprayed onto the windows when the surrounding walls were being worked on- these not your everyday dirt problems. The on-site disasters mess up the new windows that have been installed. The issues may even extend before that, going all the way back to the glass manufacturing process- such as blunders made during the silicone glazing. It all falls on the window cleaning team to resolve the issue.

Sure, it’s part of the job. That’s what window cleaning is all about- rectifying blunders made by other parties – natural or artificial – and restoring the sparkle to the windows. However, for the post construction clean-ups, the skill level of the personnel, and the tools that are being used are very important. They will mean the difference between a successfully done job, and deplorable failure that ends up costing you, the property owner, more in the long run. A proper understanding of the chemicals and tools required is vital, from the solvents and polishing compounds that will be used, to scrubbing aids that come in handy to speed up the process, and solutions that will be tailored to the particular kind of window. Nylon scrub pads, scrapers, lacquer thinners- they all come into play during these jobs. Taking on the task as a DIY, or leaving it to rookies, will increase the chances of your windows getting irrevocably ruined. Avoid the risk by calling in the professional window cleaning crew, who have been trained, certified and come with years of experience- plus a track record that you can verify. 



There are no two ways about this- post construction window cleaning is a hassle. It will take up loads of energy, and also test the grit of the cleaner. Dealing with the new installations takes more involvement compared to the routine window cleaning. There are also way more factors that come into the picture, especially when dealing with the other builders and contractors on the premises- who may not share the same work ethic. They may be more demanding, less amiable to suggestions and of course, there’s the issue of each one guarding their own turf. The construction site becomes a beehive of activity, with different contractors each having their own personnel and sets of equipment, and looking out for their butter. Those occasional surprises- like a case where the sill has just got painted so the cleaning crew have to wait until the next day to have that particular window cleaned, can get frustrating. 

However, the professionals don’t shy away from the challenge. Attributes that are needed for success in the business extend to aspects such as coordination, proper planning, and interpersonal skills that come in for smooth engagements. Besides, ensuring that the project is completed successfully on time, and within budget, wins over more business for the cleaners, hence they put their best foot forward to deliver on their mandate. This ranges from the contractor who is overseeing the entire construction project, to the eventual property owner, who will have witnessed the transformation of the windows from their dishevelled state into gleaming units that accentuate the building. The professional window cleaning team understand the potential for long-term engagement that this holds for repeat business, hence are willing to take up the task and deliver quality results. 

Getting Professional Help For Your Post Construction Window Cleaning

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