Hiring Professional Window Cleaning Services

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Hiring Professional Window Cleaning Services

Hiring Professional Window Cleaning Services

Windows are a core component of curb appeal. Just ask realtors. Residential or commercial space will not sell if potential clients see soiled windows when they come for the property viewing. They take it to be a sign of the care the rest of the premises receives. Even before the buyers or tenants have stepped onto the premises, they will already have formed a negative or positive opinion about the space. When the windows are clear and pristine, not only do you begin the process of winning them over, but the value of the property also increases. In your own home, you don’t want to start your day by drawing the curtains and being greeted by soiled windows, or return from work to find gunk streaking the glass panes waiting to be cleaned. No doubt you also want to have a good image, whether it’s friends and relatives coming over, or neighbours simply strolling by outside. The state of the windows will determine your curb appeal, and you want them to be elegant all through. In commercial establishments, a business’ operations are literally on the line. The windows will be the first thing your customers see before they access the premises. When marketing, you point out that you deliver products or services to high quality standards. However, what picture do your potential customers get from the windows as they come to make enquiries or purchases? Soiled windows will damage your image and turn them off, which has a negative impact on your ability to generate sales. Enhance your curb appeal by scheduling regular window cleaning services.


Why You Should Call In The Experts


  1. State-of-the-art tools for a thorough job


You want quality results, and we have the systems to deliver. The latest in window cleaning technology and well-maintained equipment ensures that our team provides a superior clean each time. Telescopic poles with soft-bristled brushes at their ends are used to access the windows, and water is pumped up the poles with a high flow rate and sprayed onto the window in pencil jets at the brush’s head. The water provides the lubrication needed as the brushes scrub the soiling off the glass. It’s pure water, having been taken through a thorough filtration and deionisation process to remove the contaminants and mineral salts in it. This pure water has a high affinity for dirt, as it wants to revert to its natural impure sate. As such, it pulls the grime off the windows, increasing the efficacy of the process. What’s more, after the rinsing, it leaves streak-free results. This is as there are no salts in it to sediment onto the window as it dries. Hence, you won’t have to worry about resoiling, and your windows will remain cleaner for longer. Back to the telescopic water fed poles- employing this system enhances the safety of the entire operation, for our crew and your property. After all, you don’t want ladders that will be leaving holes in your landscaping, or damaging your building’s exterior. Since our crew will be able to access those high-rise windows from the ground, there is reduced risk, and the task gets carried out faster.


  1. Avoid the risks of DIY window cleaning


Plenty of things can go wrong with a DIY window cleaning job. For starters, using the wrong equipment can damage the glass. These are the likes of scrubbing it with the hard-bristled brushes used on other surfaces such as floors and countertops in the establishment. These will leave behind scratches, that ruin the appeal of the windows. Cases like turning to power washers that are used to blast the grime from the walls, decks and sidewalks, and applying the same powerful hits of water on the windows can actually shatter the glass. Damaged frames and seals can also result. For the former, the structural integrity and functionality of the window is affected. When the frames are ruined, even normal opening and closing operations are hampered, which can be either a mild inconvenience each time you try to get the window open, or a hazard in case of emergencies and the windows are needed for fast access or exit. When the seals are damaged, it increases the risk of water damage as rain can get indoors affecting the wall paint as it gradually seeps in. For those double-paned and triple-panned windows, damaged seals lead to fogging, as the air gets in between the panes, and the moisture within it condenses. This reduces visibility and the amount of light getting into the interior space. In addition to this is the risk of personal injury, especially when you’re working on high rise windows and you use a ladder to access them. Cases of fall accidents are common with DIYers, resulting in anything from bruises and sprains, to incidences of fractures. By calling up the professional window cleaning team, you get to side-step all these hazards.


  1. Protect your investment


The window cleaning process prolongs the life of your installation. The dirt and debris can result in irrevocable damage to the structure. This ranges from the gunk that etches the glass and causes scratches and distortion on the windows making them difficult to see out of, all through to the corrosion and wearing effects on the frames that weaken them and makes the installation more fragile. Since the windows are constantly exposed to the elements, the damage will be accelerated, which can result structural failure. For instance, weaker frames will not be able to hold the glass panes firmly in place, and then on one random day as the windows are being shut or open and extra effort is used, the panes can shatter. The costs of making repairs and replacements varies from one type of window to the next. The larger and more expansive it is, the more you’ll be forking out. You don’t want things to go down this route, especially if it can all be avoided by simply scheduling regular window cleaning sessions.


  1. Experienced team


You want to know that your investment is in safe hands. With our professional services, you can rest assured that your windows will receive the quality care and treatment they deserve. Having undergone stringent training and with years of experience on top, our personnel have the skills needed to handle the diverse window cleaning situations. Our goal is to ensure you’re satisfied, and win your loyalty. This involves the entirety of the operations, from the punctuality in the arrival of our crew, the way they handle your property and respectfully address you, all through to the safety measures put in place and the high quality results that are delivered.


Hiring Professional Window Cleaning Services

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