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Local Window Cleaning Company

Local Window Cleaning Company

Specialist Dublin Window Cleaners For You

You want to be able to sit in your home and enjoy that gorgeous view outside your window. You want to let the light in without unsightly shadows getting cast all over the interior space of your office. You want an enhanced curb appeal that will attract customers to your business premises, or allow you to seal that lucrative real estate deal especially if you’re a property developer. Dirt on the windows comes in the way of this. The dust layers on the glass surface, insect gunk on the sills and frames that prevents the windows from being operated smoothly, residue from hard water to acid rain, issues like smoke- from exhaust fumes from the cars zipping past on the road nearby, getting
absorbed by the glass and darkening it- there are diverse aspects affecting your windows. Getting rid of them is vital in protecting your investment. Whether you have glass block windows where the individual blocks have been
separated together with mortar, accent windows that come in various shapes to accentuate the architectural design of the building, basement hopper windows that increase air flow, the double hung windows that give you a classic look and have operable upper and lower sashes, single hung windows where only the lower sash is moved up or down, sliding windows where the panels move horizontally on tracks- and the tracks are major grime spots, or projection windows that extend out of the building such as bow or bay windows, picture windows that provide a wide and unobstructed view and let in lots of light, awning windows whose top-hinged sashes tilt out from the bottom, casement windows that are a popular option for their ease of operation and since they also open out wide to ensure good air flow into the interior space, skylights that operate as light fixtures, and even storm windows that increase the energy efficiency of the building due to the additional insulation that they provide, they all need proper maintenance. That’s a task for our window cleaning Dublin experts. Local Window Cleaning Company

Window cleaning is that job you want to get done right the first time. However, that is rarely the case with DIY processes. There are lots of factors stacked up against you, with issues like the equipment and skills needed to do a thorough job not being readily available. The tools that the professionals use is pricey, hence purchasing it for occasional works around the building does not come off as a feasible idea, hence persons end up opting to use other tools and cleaning solutions around the home. These come with their frustrations and risks. For instance, the brushes that you use while scrubbing the countertops and tiled walls in your home can scratch the glass. Harsh cleaning chemicals that are effective in dissolving the stains that are on your floors can end up etching the glass panes and corroding the sills and frames. Even issues like the cleaning rate factor in. Spraying the solutions onto the window and failing to rinse them off before they dry leaves behind streaks that just make the window look dirtier. It’s also frustrating when you use paper products that keep on separating into two while wiping the window, with others leaving lint on the surface. Going for newspapers additionally means that the ink from the print will wind up on the glass, taking you back to the beginning of the cleaning process. There are cases when gunk is stuck to the surface and one reaches for a razor blade. Here there are high chances of scratching the glass, and especially since there will be pieces trapped under the blade as you move it along. Taking the power washer that you use to blast dirt off the driveway and patio and directing the same force onto the window can shatter the glass panes. This leaves you with a hefty maintenance bill, not to mention the inconvenience of having your interior place soaked with the water. Prevent things from getting out of hand by calling in the expert Dublin window cleaners. Local Window Cleaning Company

Reasons For Investing In Professional Window Cleaning Dublin Services

1.  Getting your windows sparkling with pure water

Our Dublin window cleaners come on site with truck-mounted systems, ready to get right onto the task, without relying on your building’s power and water supply. To produce the pure water, we obtain ordinary water from the mains supply and take it through thorough filtration stages to remove the dissolved solids and mineral salts, such as phosphates, nitrates, sodium, calcium, potassium and chloride. These are the particles that sediment on the glass surface to form hard water spots when tap water than is used on windows during DIY process dries off. The purity of the water aids in two major aspects. The first one is ensuring that streak-free results are obtained. The second is enhancing the efficacy of the cleaning process. Pure water has superior attributes when it comes to breaking down and dissolving dirt. This is because it is unbalanced, and wants to regain back the balanced nature it had in its impure state. As such, it bonds with the soiling on the windows easily, enabling our crew to easily wash off the gunk and organic matter from the glass. To apply the pure water onto your windows, the window cleaning personnel use an extendable reach and wash water-fed pole that has a soft-bristled cleaning brush at its end. The pure water is pumped up the pole and forced out through pencil jets at the brush’s head. The two complement each other, with the brush agitating the soiling, and the water providing lubrication, and carrying away the dirt to the ground. The windows are left wet and will dry naturally. Since the rinsing is done with pure water, you won’t have to worry about spots forming, with the glass drying to a sparkling and streak-free finish. This also means that the issue with residue films that are left behind when detergents and similar cleaning solutions are used is resolved. Your windows basically remain cleaner for a longer period, which also reduces the frequency with which you will need to have them worked on. The telescopic poles also have welcome bonuses to the cleaning process. For starters, they enable the window cleaning Dublin crew to easily access the high rise areas without having to use ladders and other bulky
equipment, increasing their efficacy and the speed at which the process will be completed. Secondly, they enhance the safety of the operations, since the risk of falls is done away with. Speaking of safety, the brushes that are
incorporated in to the process pose no risk to your windows, since their soft bristles are gentle to the glass panes being worked on. Local Window Cleaning Company

2.  Skilled team

Our window cleaning Dublin crew have undergone stringent training in the various aspects of the operations, and keep up to date with the latest in industry pest practices to ensure that you receive the most advanced treatment for your window. What’s more, they have years of experience dealing with diverse types of installations for both residential and commercial clients alike, which enables you to rest assured that your property is in the hands of professionals. This ensures that you get quality results delivered each time. With our window cleaning company,
it’s about enjoying the whole range of operations, from the timeliness with which the crew arrive on site, to the speed with which they carry about the task, plus how they treat and address you as the property owner. Our personnel
maintain high levels of professionalism, give your property the care it deserves, and answering any queries and concerns that you may have about the processes being carried out. In addition, with an experienced eye, they are
able to notice issues in your establishment that may be affecting the windows, even those minor errors on the windows themselves that could result to huge damages later on. These are the likes of leaks in the frames caused by seasonal changes, weather stripping around the perimeter of the window sash, and even broken seals that cause the glass to get foggy. They bring these issues to your attention, advising you on how you can get them fixed in order to prevent potential losses. Local Window Cleaning Company

3.  Focus on your other activities

You don’t want to spend your weekends breaking your back working on the windows. The sheer amount of time and energy that is required to get spotless results, especially without the proper skills and equipment being applied, can end up frustrating you. Your weekends and days off from work are meant to be a break from everyday work, allowing you to take part in activities that lighten up your heart and rejuvenate your spirit- be it going out on a picnic, having an indoor or outdoor scavenger hunt with friends and family as they search for hidden things, planting seedlings as you kick-start your home garden, going for a movie with your family, or planning a back-to-back viewing of classics with lots of popcorn and snacks around, playing board or card games, hitting the basketball court with your buddies and seeing how many games you can win, going bowling and even placing some bets on the outcome, preparing a new recipe or even pretending you’re in your own cook show and filming it, making sure that the whole family especially the kids get to participate- you’re all certain to have a couple of laughs after as you review it, getting your karaoke groove on, organising a themed costume party, or even going on a hike, zip lining, or boat rides, hitting the beach for some sun and sand with your significant other, making jewellery with supplies from your local craft or department store, hosting a tea party like the ones that you used to do while you were young- but now you can have a real tea party with the family dressing up, and also spending some quiet time curled up with a book, or doing a puzzle. You don’t want to miss out on this due to the gunk piling up on the windows. Let our specialist Dublin window cleaners take on the job for you. That way, you get to engage in your favourite hobbies and still have gleaming windows. Even in commercial establishments, getting your staff to leave their work stations, grab a pail and squeegee and start washing down the windows will affect the running of things. From your clients not being serviced in time to products not getting prepared or delivered according to schedule, your activities take a hit. Not only that, but you’ll also be putting both staff and the windows themselves at risk. Lawsuits as a result of workplace injuries, to lost time as the personnel stay off-duty, will end up costing you. The hit on your business’ productivity will reflect in your revenue stream. This is not what you signed up for when you wanted to tackle the grime tat’s built up on the windows. You can avoid the constraints and risks that come with the task by bringing in our professional window cleaning Dublin crew. Local Window Cleaning Company

4.  Insured and bonded for your protection

Insurance and bonding are key aspects of any professional service. The insurance means you won’t be held liable for any injuries that the Dublin window cleaners sustain while on the job. Bonding protects your property and assets. Money is set aside to meet claims made for issues like breaks and damages to your establishment. While we place the required safety measures in place to avert accidents, you want to also feel secure that you’re covered in case something was to go wrong. As such, our window cleaning services are fully bonded and insured. Local Window Cleaning Company

5.  Tailored prices

All this comes at an affordable cost. What’s more, issues ranging from the amount of dirt affected- by factors like soiling building up over time, how long it has been since the last clean, and even post-construction effects where there’s concrete and paint residue on the windows, the number of panes plus their size, type and height, all through to the ease of accessing the windows, and additional aspects such as window screen and sill cleaning are taken into account when setting the final prices. This is because every establishment comes with its own window cleaning Dublin requirements, and you want to get quality results and make savings at the same time. Local Window Cleaning Company

Local Window Cleaning Company

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