Professional Window Care For Your Property

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Professional Window Care For Your Property
Professional Window Care For Your Property


Windows and curb appeal are intertwined. They give guests and passers-by an impression of the building while they are still out on the street. Whether you’re a home owner about to host a family get-together, or you’re a realtor planning an open house, you want to set a positive image. For the homeowner, your reputation is at stake, while for those in the real estate market, the condition that buyers or tenants find the premises in determines whether or not you will close the deal. Your own comfort also factors in. When there is a great view outside your property, you should be able to enjoy it- not have it blocked by grime spots and dust layers on the surface. The interior decor also gets ruined when those spots on the glass are blocking sun rays and casting shadows in the room. In commercial establishments, this affects the working environment. Your employees’ productivity is reduced when they feel that their space is not well maintained. Even those who jostle for the desk next to the window will barely want to, seeing that they’ll be breathing in dust from the structure. What of your clients? As they access your business premises, what sight greets them? Soiled windows will make them question your claim to professional standards, which means that you may end up losing them to your competition. After all, how much trust can you have in the products and services of a company whose on business environment seems uncared for? Having the windows in your establishment cleaned regularly will enable you to spruce up your curb appeal and maintain a positive image.


Reasons To Call In The Pros


  1. The latest in window cleaning technology


Our personnel uses quality tools in order to deliver quality results. The truck-mounted systems provide enhanced mobility, and our team arrives at your premises with all the equipment they need to hit the ground running. Pure water is used for the process, which is recommended for its superior cleaning properties. For one, it has a high affinity for soiling, since it naturally wants to return to its impure state. This enables it to pull the grime right off the surface of the window, increasing the efficiency of operations. In addition, using pure water means that there won’t be streaks and smears left behind on the window after the washing and rinsing. For those stubborn spots, our team comes equipped with everything from the cleaning solutions, to hand tools like scrapers, which will dislodge the gunk that’s adhered to the surface. Waterfed telescopic poles are used, which means that our personnel can access the hard-to-reach windows from the safety of the ground. This has the benefit of enhancing the speed of delivery, while taking away the risks involved with using ladders. The poles have soft-bristled brushes at their ends which scrub the dirt, while the water is delivered in pencil jets at the brush’s head. All this combines to provide superb results in minimal time, bringing back the sparkle to your windows.


  1. Avoid DIY risks


There are plenty of horror stories of DIY window cleaning jobs gone wrong. At best the property owner is left with poor results and a rapidly resoiling window, and at worst the windows get so irrevocably damaged that they need to be completely replaced. There are numerous factors that come to play, and they pose different levels of risk to the window. For instance, you can use the wrong equipment. This ranges from simple tools like the household brush for scrubbing the glass, to high powered gear like the pressure washers used when working on the walls, floors and sidewalks. Abrasive brushes scratch the surface of the glass, ruining its appeal. The power washers blasting away the grime from roofs and parking lots pack enough power to shatter the glass. Even cleaning solutions factor in. These are the agents you turn to when there are stubborn spots on the window that require an extra touch to remove. However, using harsh agents, like products that are too acidic, can etch the glass, or corrode the surrounding frames and seals. This packs its own problems. First, damaged frames and seals weaken the overall structural integrity of the window. Their ability to withstand the elements is reduced, exposing them to higher risks of failure. For the damaged seals, like in the case of double and triple-paned windows, air makes its way into the space between the panes, and the moisture in it condenses, resulting in fogging. Making repairs is a tall order. In addition to these risks, leaving behind residue on the glass causes it to trap more dirt at a faster rate, making a mockery of your cleaning efforts. You end up being forced to repeat the process much sooner that you had anticipated. You don’t need to put your installation at risk, or endure the frustration that comes with unsatisfactory results. Get things done right by hiring professional window cleaning services.


  1. Green cleaning


With our window cleaning services, you get to have sparkling results while simultaneously protecting the environment. After all, we all have a duty to safeguard Mother Nature for our survival and that of future generations. Our services have been structured with this in mind. Take for instance the pure water used. It poses no risk to the biodiversity around you. Even the run-off that gets onto your landscaping won’t have agents soaking into the soil or affecting your plants. It’s just water. When there are stubborn spots that require cleaning agents, the products used are eco-friendly, having passed EU regulations on biodegradability and environmental sustainability. The window cleaning also has additional benefits to your building’s energy management. For starters, the grime that builds up on the glass surface is a barrier to efficient heat passage in and out of the building. As such, the hot afternoons get hotter, and those cold days get colder. You end up running your heating and air conditioning units for longer. The window cleaning resolves this, by getting rid of the source of the problem. Since there will be more natural sunlight getting into the interior space, you also won’t have to turn on your lighting systems as much, leading to more energy savings.

Professional Window Care For Your Property

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