Professional Window Cleaning Services To Lighten Your Load

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Professional Window Cleaning Services To Lighten Your Load

Professional Window Cleaning Services To Lighten Your Load

Windows handle their fair share of assault on a daily basis. While they are indeed the eyes into the building, they also serve as the first line of defence against the elements. Wind, dirt, debris, rain, pollutants, exhaust fumes for those buildings that are close to busy streets, ocean spray for those in coastal areas- they all get to the windows. Those glass panes are not as smooth as they appear. They have numerous valleys and ridges at a microscopic level, where the dirt particles end up adhering to. Over time, the dirt builds up in layers, which get further distorted when the rain comes pouring down. Do you have window screens installed? These do a good job of protecting the windows from grime. However, when it rains heavily, the water forcing its way through picks up the dirt and slams it against the glass panes, adding to the level of soiling. Then there are issues like hard water stains, especially for those cases where there is a sprinkler that has been set up close to the building. The water from the mains supply comes with dissolved mineral salts, which are left behind on the windows when the water evaporates. Pollen, insect residue from those tiny little creatures that decide to run all-round on the windows and leave behind their body waste, cases of bird droppings on the sills when they occasionally perch on it, to issues like glue and adhesives on the glass- like for storefronts that had put up promotional posters and after taking them down the residue remained- there are all sorts of issues to that need to be addressed. There are even those incidences where ruffians go spraying graffiti on the windows of a business- and you certainly don’t want things to remain in that condition. Whichever the case, our window cleaning specialists are here for you. 

Giving your windows a thorough clean

Our goal is to give your windows a streak-free clean. We aim to leave them sparkling without any smears on the glass panes, enhancing the curb appeal of your residential or commercial establishment, and brightening up the interior space. A wide range of products and systems is used. Take our Reach & Wash window cleaning system for instance. Here, pure water is pumped up telescopic poles and sprayed onto the window in jets. The purity of the water, plus the pressure itself, aid in enhancing the window cleaning process. The pure water attracts the dirt from the surface of the window, and the pressure provides mechanical action that dislodges the grime, and it all gets washed down. This is further aided by the brushes that are at the top of the poles, that come in handy to scrub away the grime, with the water in this case also acting as a lubricant. The brushes have soft bristles, so the risk of scratches on the windows are avoided. The Reach & Wash window cleaning is also particularly beneficial for avoiding the risks of fall accidents that are associated with ladders, as the setup allows our window cleaning team to access the windows on those upper floors without having to leave the ground. This also speeds up the process, by reducing the setup time and enabling our crew to move from one window to the next much faster. We also work on surrounding features, including cleaning the screens, window sills, the storm windows, the sliding doors, the window frames and tracks, skylights, all through to the exterior light fixtures. 

We’ll handle your post construction window cleaning for you

Post-construction window cleaning is different from the normal jobs mainly because of the sheer amount of dirt involved. Take dust for instance. Everyday dust that coats the glass panes is different to the thick and heavy dust that is generated as contractors carry out the cutting and sanding of the wood framework for the newly constructed building, plus the sanding of the drywall when it is being prepared for the application of paint. This dust contains drywall and wood remnants, which are already more abrasive than the normal dust. What’s more, with the deposits here, conventional approaches like using a cloth to wipe off the dust, can easily scratch the windows. Using a wet cloth also has its issues like when the drywall dust dissolves and it ends ups leaving a white streak all over the window. That’s just about the dust. What of the paint that gets sprained onto the windows? There may also be caulk and adhesive that need to be removed. Add to this silicone, vinyl residue, dried concrete- it’s a laborious job. Taking this on as a DIY job can put a huge strain on you. There are also risks involved. For instance, when dealing with tempered glass, chances of scratches as magnitudes higher than other glass types in these scenarios. The resultant features from heating and quenching processes that are within the glass aid in its design, where it ensures safety to persons in the building in case of breakage. In fact, it is usually called safety glass, breaking apart into tiny cubes in case of breakage, reducing the risk of injury. However, this very design means that when glass scrapers are used on it, there will be higher chances of the windows getting scratches. Precautions need to be taken hence it is recommended that you leave the job to the post construction window cleaning professionals. That way, you get the desired results without damaging your installation.

A team you can trust

Our personnel will provide you with a detailed quotation, and stick to the given schedule. We use state-of-the-art equipment to get the task done, and our crew are fully equipped for the process. They will arrive at your residence or business premises at the scheduled time, and ensure that the windows are made spotless. We love what we do, and take pride in our work. Safety measures are also put in place to protect the property and the persons on it while the task is being carried out. Investing in the personal and professional development of our personnel is also key as it enables them to deliver on their mandate, providing quality results on each window cleaning session.


Professional Window Cleaning Services To Lighten Your Load

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