Quality Window Cleaning Services For Your Establishment

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Quality Window Cleaning Services For Your Establishment

Quality Window Cleaning Services For Your Establishment

What kind of windows are on your building? The timeless and classic double hung windows- which are popular in modern and contemporary home styles because of their grilles and muntins, sliding windows whose wide frames and room for movement for the panels make them superb for ranch and prairie setups, the casement windows where the glass panes are more divided up to enhance detail, or even specialty windows whose design depends on the building like in churches, museums, or businesses that want to portray their unique nature. There are business complexes where the windows are stacked up creating a wall of glass to maximise in the amount of natural light being let into the interior space, to picture windows that are designed to ensure you get the most out of the view outside your property. Windows come in diverse styles, and even the frames themselves are different, ranging from wooden structures to metal and composite frames. The one constant across the scope is that they are bound to get dirty over time. Exposure to the elements, dust from the environment, and even chemical reactions like the oxidation effects on the glass caused by the frames lead to gunk building up on the windows. This ruins their appeal, which has a negative effect on your image- whether it’s in your home and you’re concerned about how friends and family, plus the neighbours passing by perceive you, or it’s on your business premises, where your image has a direct implication on whether customers will trust your brand. Investing in professional window cleaning services will enable you to ensure they remain elegant all through.

Why You Should turn To The Window Cleaning Professionals

  • Modernised equipment – Quality Window Cleaning Services For Your Establishment

We have made heavy investments in quality window cleaning gear, designed to deliver quality results in moments. This ranges from water-fed telescopic poles that deliver jets of water to even the hard-to-reach windows from the safety of the ground, all through to using laboratory-grade pure water for the process, that ensures that streak-free results are obtained. The soft bristled brush at the end of the pole is used to agitate the soiling that’s on the windows, making it easier to be washed off. The scrubbing action is tough on the dirt but safe for the windows. Jets of pure water are sprayed onto the glass at a high flow rate. Pure water is used because of its numerous positive attributes when it comes to cleaning. Having been passed through an extensive process to remove the pollutants and decontaminants, from being forced through prefilters at high pressure, undergoing deionisation, and also reverse osmosis, this gets rid of even the minerals that naturally exist in the water. Since the water will want to revert to the impure state to retain its natural balance, it makes it attract dirt and grime that’s on the surface of the windows. This “pull” makes the process easier and faster. What’s more, after the rinsing there will be no residue left behind on the windows. In fact, the water is so pure that the windows will be left to dry naturally without worrying about streaks forming.

  • Avoid the frustrations that come with the DIY process – Quality Window Cleaning Services For Your Establishment

They are many. For starters, there’s the unsatisfactory results that are obtained when the proper window cleaning processes are not followed. These range from streaks and smears being left behind on the windows, ruining their visibility, to the soapy residues that are actually dirt magnets, that cause the windows to get soiled faster. You don’t want to spend all those cleaning supplies, the time and energy on the task, only to end up with poor results that will force you to repeat it all again. Add to this the risks to your windows. Items like hard-bristled brushes, highly effective at scrubbing the grime off surfaces like tiles and concrete, will straight out scratch the windows. There are those instances when one comes across stubborn grime that’s sticking to the surface, and decides to use tools from the household like putty knives and screwdrivers to try scrape it off. These will also damage the glass. The same applies to those cleaning solutions that are applied on other surfaces in the residential or commercial establishment. While they are good at dissolving the stains and heavy soiling, when used on the windows they may etch the glass. Harsh chemicals can also corrode structures like the window frames and seals. The more extensive the damage, the weaker the windows will get, reducing their life. There are also those instances when you yourself are at risk of injury, like when you use ladders to access those high rise windows. A fall accident could lead to a nasty result, from sprains to fractures depending on how high you had climbed. Since the cleaning supplies that you had carried up with you will also come hurtling down in the event of a fall, your landscaping may also get damaged. Relying on professional window cleaning services will enable you to avoid these risks.

  • Versatile services – Quality Window Cleaning Services For Your Establishment

Our window cleaning team works on all kinds of installations, from awning windows- which includes those that are over doors, casement windows that are popular for their uncluttered views, Bay & Bow, sliding windows in both modern or contemporary homes, louvered windows that are composed of glass slats, the large and stationary picture windows, hopper windows that are close to the ground, all through to single or double hung windows, plus specialty designs be they curved, rectangular or angled, and even windows with accents. The services are available to both commercial and residential clients, from hotels, nursing homes, office buildings, retail stores, malls, yoga studios, churches, school complexes, restaurants, mansions, apartments and condominiums. What’s more the costs are tailored to your individual situation, that way you get quality results at affordable prices. This takes into account the type of windows in your establishment, the number that are being cleaned, the current state with regards to the level of soiling which dictates the cleaning systems to be employed, all through to the frequency of the scheduled services- from regular sessions to emergency window cleaning.

Quality Window Cleaning Services For Your Establishment

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