Reach & Wash Window Cleaning

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Reach & Wash Window Cleaning

Reach & Wash Window Cleaning


Window cleaning has come a long way since the era of chamois leather and the squeegee, based on the squilgee fishermen used to use. Advances in technology have brought about innovations that have made the job easier, safer and more effective. Water fed poles became popular, allowing cleaners to achieve tasks that previously bordered on being fatal. Now a new tide is taking over the window cleaning industry. It’s efficiency and effectiveness seamlessly blended together to create a superior window cleaning system. It’s spread through the industry like a storm, and more contractors are taking it up with each passing day. This is the Reach& Wash Window Cleaning.


Both home and business owners are loving its results, and are hiring contractors using the Reach & Wash Window Cleaning system. You want sparkling windows done in record time. You want to get the grime and gunk off your windows without worrying about the safety of the person doing the cleaning, or having to deal with injuries at your workplace or home. The Reach & Wash Window Cleaning ensures your windows are gleaming, and the entire process is done in the shortest possible time. Here’s a look at the system and what it does for you:


How The Reach & Wash Window Cleaning Works

The Reach & Wash Window Cleaning system scrubs the dirt and grime off the glass using a soft bristled brush. This eliminates the soiling, while being gentle to the glass surface. The Reach & Wash Window Cleaning system simultaneously rinses the window using pure water administered in strong jets. It leads to streak-free results, with no spots or marks being left behind on the window surface.


Benefits Of The Reach& Wash Window Cleaning

1. Bright and clear windows

The Reach & Wash Window Cleaning leaves your windows clean and spot free. The bristled brushes are specially designed to tackle the grime on your windows, from the dirt and dust brought by gusts of wind to the bird messes on the glass. It will remove the stubborn soiling and brighten up the windows for the natural lighting to come through unobstructed. Since there is neither residue nor any soapy film left on the glass after cleaning to attract dirt, the crystal clear finish left by the Reach & Wash Window Cleaning is long lasting.


2. Pure water

The Reach & Wash Window Cleaning uses ultra-pure water. You don’t have to worry about the minerals found in normal tap water that can end up forming deposits all over the glass surface. There are no soapy suds that will cause a poor and streaky finish. Up to 5 filtration stages are employed to remove all the minerals in the water, and ensure that there are no spots or smears left on your windows after cleaning. In fact, the water is so pure that you can leave it to dry naturally on the windows, and it won’t leave any smudges. The Reach & Wash Window Cleaning is typically installed in trailers or vans, which ensures that the supply of pure water is constant, wherever the cleaning job may be. With a system that holds around 600L of water, the cleaning personnel have uninterrupted supply.


3. Quick cleaning

You get professional results with less than half the time that you’d have spent using other conventional window cleaning methods. The Reach & Wash Window Cleaning is suitable for residential and commercial premises. All the aspects of the process are fast, including the set up time. The Reach & Wash Window Cleaning is also effective for hard surfaces like the fascia, guttering, the roof of your garage door conservatory and even cleaning solar panels. It also works for cleaning commercial signage and exterior building cladding.


4. Ergonomic window cleaning

The water fed poles of the Reach & Wash Window Cleaning are made using lightweight glass or carbon fibre, and are easily extended. They are easy to carry, meaning the cleaning personnel won’t break their backs, or tire out their arm muscles trying to reach the high windows. The personnel can also access hard-to reach windows, like those ones above the conservatory or sloped roofs. It also completely does away with the need for ladders, rope access or hydraulic platforms on the property. There is also enhanced privacy. You don’t have to worry about a face popping up outside your bedroom window. The Reach & Wash Window Cleaning personnel will go about their work unabated, and you can relax in the comfort of your home as the work gets completed.


5. Safety

Windows in high rise buildings can be cleaned from the safety of the ground. The Reach & Wash Window Cleaning systems use long and telescoping poles to reach windows as high as 80 ft. That’s well beyond the scope of most ladders, plus it ensures the safety of the personnel. The windows can be cleaned in nearly all weather conditions, including snow and during high winds, where ladders have been known to cause thousands of injuries. That’s a major factor behind the popularity of the Reach & Wash Window Cleaning, that’s increasing exponentially.


6. Eco friendly

With all the emphasis in today’s world of using green cleaning procedures, you’ll want to employ techniques that are safe for the environment. The Reach & Wash Window Cleaning fits the bill impeccably. The pure water used is completely harmless to Mother Nature and your property. Your family, pets and plants are safe. There are no harsh chemicals or detergents for you to worry about trickling down onto your garden, or corroding your driveway. There’s also less disturbance on your property, reduced noise, and there’ll be no dents on your lawn or similar damage on your property.


Tips To keep Your Windows Clean

· Have your windows washed regularly with the Reach & Wash Window Cleaning system.

· In case there are exterior mounted screens, ensure they are cleaned together with the windows. This is because dust and pollen gets trapped in the screen mesh, and can get washed onto the glass when it rains.

· Keep the barbeque grill away from your windows. You don’t want the glass getting splattered by grease, sauce or oils. A distance of 5ft will suffice.

· Ensure the range of your lawn sprinkler doesn’t reach the windows. This is to prevent them from getting stained or etched by the mineral deposits from the sprinkler water.

Reach & Wash Window Cleaning

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