Risks Of DIY Window Cleaning - Window Cleaning Dublin

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Risks Of DIY Window Cleaning - Window Cleaning Dublin

Risks Of DIY Window Cleaning- Window Cleaning dublin

DIY projects are all the rage nowadays, especially with the numerous tutorials available on how to carry them out. You get to save on costs, and pick up a skill or two while you’re at it. While this is all fine and dandy for different tasks around the home, when it comes to the windows, you may end up causing loads of damage. Let’s look at the things that could go wrong:

Problems Associated With DIY and Rookie Window Cleaning Jobs

  1. Damaged glass – Risks Of DIY Window Cleaning

Glass is fragile. With the wrong set of tools, you can create scratches on its surface, or end up shattering it. Abrasive brushes will leave fine scratches, which may be unnoticeable during the washing, but will be conspicuous anomalies once the window dries. There goes the uninterrupted view that you wanted outside your property. On the other hand, pointing the pressure washers used on the walls to the window will break the glass. The power settings on the pressure washers are intended for blasting the dirt off hard surfaces like sidewalks, patios and floors, and directing this force onto the glass will shatter it.

  1. Broken seals – Risks Of DIY Window Cleaning

That water blasting out of the pressure washer onto the window is not just a threat to the glass. It will damage the frames and seals of the window. This comes with its pack of troubles. The immediate problem is the gushing water penetrating through into the interior space, flooding the floor, soaking your furniture, and ruining your electronics. Leaks in the window seals can cause them to fog up, which is a common occurrence with DIY jobs on double or triple pane windows. The fog is as a result of air getting in between the panes, and the moisture that’s in it condensing. This makes the window dull. What’s worse is that this cannot be simply washed off. A glass specialist will need to be called it to repair the damage, with the costs of the service being almost as high as getting a new window installed.

  1. Corrosion – Risks Of DIY Window Cleaning

It’s quite common to come across stubborn spots on the window. They can be as a result of decaying organic waste left behind by insects, or oxidation effects on the windows with metal frames and screens. These require tougher solutions to get rid of them, which brings room for error. Choosing the wrong cleaning chemicals will corrode the glass, leading to the formation of permanent patches on the window and ruining its appeal.

  1. Property damage -Risks Of DIY Window Cleaning

Back to the equipment selection. DIYers and rookie window cleaning teams can go for the wrong equipment, especially when attempting to use tools for purposes for which they were not intended. For instance, spraying down the window with a garden hose or a pressure washer. They pack a punch, and everything around the window is at risk. This ranges from the sills, to the paint on the building’s exterior, putting it at risk of ruin. For those who use ladders to access the high-rise windows, working without ladder pads damages exterior surfaces like the stucco.

  1. Low quality results – Risks Of DIY Window Cleaning

It’s frustrating when you spend plenty of time and energy on the window cleaning, only to end up with unsatisfactory results. This can happen due to a myriad of reasons. Take hard water for instance. Getting the grime off the glass is not just about spraying a jet off water onto it. When the water has impurities, there will be deposits left on the glass surface when it dries. Timing also factors in. Should you work on a very large area at a go, or work slowly, then the cleaning solution being used may dry on the windows before you get about rinsing it. This leaves soapy deposits, and you’ll need to redo the window cleaning. Failing to use the equipment properly will cause smears on the glass surface, and these contribute to the window getting resoiled faster. There are cases where you can look straight at the window as you clean it and it’ll appear properly cleaned, only for you to observe it from a different angle and notice streaks and drips on the surface. Your choice of equipment also factors in here. For instance, drying the glass with newspaper stains the windows, while using lint-based or fibrous cloths leaves fibres all over the surface.

  1. Personal injury- Risks Of DIY Window Cleaning

You’re also at risk. When cleaning the high-rise windows, you’re may opt to use a ladder. You’ll be moving up and down the rungs carrying cleaning equipment. Once at your preferred position, you’ll be balancing this equipment as you reach out to clean the window- especially those troublesome corners and edges. A little tilt, one small misstep, and you will go toppling over. Fall accidents, depending on the severity, can result in sprains and bruises, to all-out fractures. Some of the cleaning solutions used when tackling the stubborn spots also come with their risks. For instance, using ammonia, a favourite for DIY projects around the home, is an irritant to the skin, eyes and mucous membranes. Homemade cleansing agents that contain alcohols such as isopropanol cause dizziness, headaches, nausea, vomiting, and can even affect the central nervous system. Some of the chemicals can react with the metal frames and screens, generating fumes and exposing you plus the rest of the persons on the premises to further danger.

Call In The Experts – Risks Of DIY Window Cleaning

You want to get quality results in moments, without the hustle and frustrations that come with the DIY jobs. Don’t fret- our team of highly trained and experienced professionals is here for you. Having handled numerous window cleaning jobs for both residential and commercial clients, you can rest assured that your investment is in safe hands. Our crew arrive on site right on schedule, with truck-mounted systems that ensure they have all they need to hit the ground running. From the telescopic water-fed poles to get to the high rise windows, powerful cleaning solutions that are tough on those stubborn spots but gentle on the glass, to laboratory-grade pure water that ensures that no residue is left behind, our team has got you covered. All this at affordable prices, providing you with the results you desire without denting your wallet.

Risks Of DIY Window Cleaning – Window Cleaning Dublin

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