Sparkling Results With Professional Window Cleaning Services

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Sparkling Results With Professional Window Cleaning Services

Sparkling Results With Professional Window Cleaning Services


The beauty- or lack thereof- of your windows is a deciding factor when it comes to the building’s curb appeal. Whether you’re a realtor planning an open house, a landlord looking for tenants, or a homeowner planning to put the house out on the market- the curb appeal will determine whether people are attracted to or turned off by the property even before they set foot on it. You want to excite buyers and tenants, and soiled windows will cripple your efforts. Why? They portray an image of a property that is poorly taken care of. For those who have already taken up occupancy- homeowners in the residential segment and business owners for the commercial space, you want to have conducive living and working conditions respectively. From the sight that greets you as you draw the curtains in the morning to let in fresh air and sunlight, to that which welcomes you as you come home from work each day, the state of the windows affects how you feel about your abode. In the workplace, you want to impress customers who are coming over, and provide an environment that increases your employees’ productivity. Both have an effect on your balance sheet. You don’t want to spend load of resources on brand awareness and marketing your products and services, only for your customers to arrive at your business premises and be discouraged by the state they find the windows in. Your employees also won’t be psyched up in their desks when they are next to dusty and soiled windows, that puts their health at risk and reduces the amount of natural light getting into the working space. Getting expert window cleaning services will enable you to ensure that they remain in optimal condition.


Why You Should Invest In Exert Window Care


  • Professional equipment for a quality job


Our team employs pure water for the window cleaning processes. This is much more effective compared to ordinary water from the mains supply, that contains dissolved minerals which cause streaks to be left behind on the window, or using loads of chemicals to clean the glass. You get a higher cleaning efficacy, without worrying about impurities like potassium, chlorides, nitrates and phosphate salts remaining on the glass after the washing is complete. The residue is a dirt magnet, which increases the rate of resoiling, in addition to making the window dull and lose is appearance. What’s more, pure water has enhanced cleaning qualities. The processes it’s taken through, from the filtration to the deionization, removes the impurities, which destabilises it. The water naturally wants to revert to the stable impure state, hence attracts the dirt that’s on the glass. Our team comes with truck-mounted systems for the job, that way your power bills won’t go shooting through the roof. They also won’t use your water supply, as they rely on the specially treated pure water that they come with. Our personnel easily get to the high rise windows using telescopic poles. Water is pumped up the poles and sprayed onto the glass in jets, and there are brushes at the ends of the poles, which are used to agitate the soiling and scrub it off. The brushes have soft bristles, which are tough on the grime but gentle on the glass. The end result is sparkling windows without streaks or residue on the surface, allowing them to remain cleaner for longer.



They are plenty. Without the appropriate skills and equipment, you can end up spending too much time and energy on the task, damage the windows, and even get injured yourself. For starters, a simple measure like failing to properly rinse the window after you’re done, leaving behind soapy residue on the surface of the glass, increases the rate of resoiling since the residue is a dirt magnet. This means that you’ll need to get your cleaning supplies and start over again, eating into time you could have spent doing other things on your schedule, and consuming more resources. Damage to the windows occurs when the wrong steps are taken, from selecting the equipment to how it is used. For instance, while power washers are effective in getting grime off the walls, sidewalks, parking lots and even roof, applying the high-pressured jets of water to the glass, will shatter the panes, and they’ll need to be replaced. There are also those cases where one uses the conventional household brushes that scrub the grime off the countertops and floors to work on the windows. These leave behind unsightly scratches that affect the visibility of the window. Cleaning solutions also factor in. Using harsh acidic agents in an attempt to dissolve the stubborn grime on the glass, frames and seals can result in reactions that etch the window or corrode the surrounding support structures. This weakens the installation, making it susceptible to future structural failure. Then there are those times when accessing high rise windows, one uses a ladder. The balancing acts involved are hectic. On one hand you’re carrying cleaning supplies and equipment up and down the ladder, while you’re also simultaneously leaning over to clean the window. Fall accidents are common, that result in sprains, bruises and even fractures. Calling in the professional window cleaning team will enable you to avoid these risks.



You get all this without breaking the bank. Our window cleaning services have been affordably priced, and the costs are structured to take into account the particular needs of your establishment. This ranges from the type of windows, the level of soiling involved, the frequency of the cleaning sessions desired, all through to situations where you need emergency cleaning services. Whether you want weekly, bi-monthly, monthly or quarterly cleaning, or you’re coming right from a recent construction works and need to get the cement splashes and paint off your windows as you prepare the property for occupation- we’ve got you covered. In addition, since the window cleaning process protects your investment and prolongs its life, you get to avert cases of structural damage and failure, from the glasses to the frames and sills, which could have ended up costing you a lot to make repairs and replacements. As such, you get to make more savings down the road.

Sparkling Results With Professional Window Cleaning Services


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