The Dirt Building Up On Your Windows

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The Dirt Building Up On Your Windows

The Dirt Building Up On Your Windows


They are the eyes into the building, letting in the light and air. They allow you to have a view outside the property, and are core to the curb appeal of the residential or commercial establishment. All through, they are exposed to the outdoor environment, including the elements. Consequently, dirt builds up on the glass, frames and window sills, taking away their beauty. Just what exactly affects the windows? Let’s delve into it:


  1. Mineral effects


Here, hard water that ends up on the glass evaporates, leaving behind mineral salts that taint the surface. The water can be from that sprinkler system that’s out in the yard spraying water all over the lush green and some lands on the window, to acid rain in establishments in urban centres or near industrial zones. Rain comes with nitrogen and sulphur oxides, that adhere to the glass. For the sprinkler systems with hard water, this particularly affects zones where the water in the pipework comes with minerals, which will also be noticeable in other aspects of the building, such as the showerheads and sinks getting limescale deposits. On top of this is oxidation effects on the glass. This especially occurs in cases where the windows are encased with metal frames and screens. Over time, these spots ending up on the glass cause it to lose its transparency, and a thorough window cleaning will be needed to remove them.


  1. Construction effects


The building may be newly constructed, or perhaps you’ve carried out some renovation works. In these cases, there are incidents like paint overspray and cement splashes that end up on the window. Even in buildings near an area where there were construction works being carried out, there can have been anything from mortar particles to chalk dust that got airborne, adding to the grime on the windows.


  1. Your kids and furry friend


Children and pets enjoy pressing their faces, hands and paws up against the window. While this is usually overlooked as a harmless act, it leaves substances like oils from the palms and mucous from the pets’ nostrils on the windows. The gunk is, in turn, a dirt magnet, contributing to more soiling ending up on the glass.


  1. Stickers


This is a common occurrence in commercial establishments. Perhaps you’ve just run a product promotion in which you had put up stickers on the display windows of your retail store or mall, or there are advertisements on coming events in your art gallery, cinema, club, etc. Even at home, when throwing a party, you may have had some custom-made posters stuck to the windows. Trouble comes after the stickers and labels have served their purpose, and it is time to pull them down. The glue and other adhesives that had been used to set them up cause bits and pieces of paper and residue of the adhesive to stick to the glass. Restoring the windows to the sparkling elegance that they had before will require highly effective window cleaning solutions.


  1. The environment around you


Where is the building located? If it’s next to a busy street, the exhaust from the cars speeding by will leave particles on the glass. Those on the beach have sea spray to worry about. Dust is almost a guarantee regardless of where the residential or commercial building is located. These form layers on the window. When it rains, the water droplets cascading down create paths in the dust layers, making the window more unsightly. Then there are the birds perching on the sills, and insects running across the window itself. They leave behind their faecal residue, which is both unsightly and another dirt magnet. In addition to bringing back the appeal, regular window cleaning also protects the structure since some of the organic material like the waste can get acidic as it decomposes, and etch the glass.


Call In The Window Cleaning Professionals


You want quality results delivered in moments, and that can be achieved using professional services. Our team comes on site with state-of-the-art window cleaning systems, that leave sparkling results. From telescopic poles that get to the high reach windows, to laboratory-grade pure water that ensures there is no residue left behind on the glass, your windows will be spotless. Moreover, without the residue, the rate of resoiling is reduced, keeping the windows elegant for longer. Soft-bristled brushes scrub the stubborn grime without affecting the underlying glass, and our crew also come equipped with hand tools and cleaning solutions for those sections that require unique attention, such as stubborn stains. This prolongs the life of the windows, and saves you from the hustle and frustration that comes with the DIY process. Safety risks when working on high windows, poor results due to soapy solutions left on the glass that cause resoiling, all through to scratches from using improper tools- all these are avoided when you bring in the experts.


Our services are available across the scope, from bungalows, apartments and condominiums, office buildings, schools and medical centres, all through to car dealerships, hotels and restaurants. The services are mobile, with our crew coming with truck-mounted units containing all the systems needed for the job. All this goes into bringing back the beauty of your windows, which enhances the curb appeal of the establishment, making your home comfortable and inviting, and boosting the image of your workplace. That way you will be able to draw the curtains and let in the light without shadows being cast into the interior space, and take in the elegant view of the landscaping outside your property or the horizon out in the distance. Clients coming to purchase your products or services in your commercial establishment won’t be turned away by streaks of gunk on your windows, and your employees will be more productive with the improved working conditions. Furthermore, regular window cleaning protects the structure, by preventing irreversible damage. The gunk building up on the glass can end up etching it, and also increase the risk of scratches which result in distortions on the window. Corrosion and wearing down of the window frames that’s attributed to dirt and grime puts its structural integrity at risk, which is not good news for your wallet. Repair and replacement costs will be hefty, all due to issues that could have been avoided by a thorough window cleaning. Avoid things from going down this route by calling up our professional crew for the job.


The Dirt Building Up On Your Windows

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