When The Dirt On Your Windows Has To Go

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When The Dirt On Your Windows Has To Go

When The Dirt On Your Windows Has To Go

It’s unsightly, and puts the structural integrity of your windows at risk. The dust that has been piling up on the glass panes over time, the pollen that latches onto the pores of the glass, insect residue on the sills hand frames, those bird droppings that were left behind when the winged visitors perched on the window sill for a rest mid-flight- it’s all messy, and makes the affected premises to appear dilapidated and poorly taken care of. Hard water stains- caused by mineral deposits from the sprinkler water that winded up on the windows, or that from the garden hose for those who decided to spray the windows in an attempt to hose them down during the DIY process- these adhere strongly to the glass, requiring specialised processes to get rid of them. Then there are those cases where you’re dealing with debris from construction and renovation jobs, issues like stickers for storefronts that were running promotions that are now over, to graffiti for those in neighbourhoods with ruffians who decide to showcase their artistic prowess by drawing all over your business’ windows. Don’t fret- our window cleaning team has the skills and equipment needed to get rid of the gunk on your installation, and restore it to its elegance. 

Relying on Mother Nature to clean your windows often results in them becoming messier in the long run. Yes, rain- which would ideally mean that your windows can get a free clean, tend to leave them all messy. Technically, it’s not rain’s fault. When there is already dirt on your windows, – those layers of dust that have built up on it, for residue that is coating the glass- this gets more distorted by the raindrops that come rolling down the windows. For those with window screens, the rainwater may pick up the soiling that is on them, and slam it against the windows, making them look worse. For those located near industrial centres, where the are issues of acid rain, the downpours actually result in more mineral deposits winding up on your windows, deteriorating the curb appeal of your property. A thorough window cleaning process will get rid of the gunk and yield streak-free results. For this, turn to the professionals, to give you value for your money, and ensure that your property is safe. 

Catering to the diverse window cleaning needs


  • Residential window cleaning


Whether you’re having the routine cleaning being carried out, preparing for guests who will come over for a party, you’re looking to sell your home or simply want to enjoy the view outside your property, our residential window cleaning services have got you covered. The windows are a focal point of the house, and getting them gleaming will give the entire residence a visual boost. The opposite also applies. With a soiled window, the whole place appears dull and dingy, dragging down the ambience of your home. We also work on the interior of the windows. After all, if the windows are only cleaned on the outside, but the interior side remains dusty and dirty, the windows simply won’t look clean. We are keen on the personnel we hire, taking them through stringent vetting processes. We are also a licenced and insured company. Hence, you can trust our personnel to work in your home. They will treat your property with care and respect, maintaining high standards of professionalism all through. 


  • Commercial window cleaning


Our services also cater to commercial establishments. From office buildings to shopping complexes and retail stores, we understand the value of a clean exterior to attracting customers to your business premises. The thorough cleaning window cleaning processes that are used get rid of the gunk that is covering your windows, leaving them sparkling and brighten up the interior space. You get to impress customers accessing your business premises, giving them a positive image about your brand. That way, they will be more confident about engaging you and purchasing your products and services. With routine commercial window cleaning services, your employees get to operate in a conducive working environment, one that encourages them to be more productive. Getting professionals for the task also means that you won’t find yourself having to pull your employees away from their desks and expecting them to work on the windows- which would have ended up with unsatisfactory results, damages to the windows, or even bodily injuries to the personnel involved. Leave it to the experts who put in place the appropriate safety measures for the process, and even employ methods like Reach & Wash window cleaning that allow high rise windows to be worked on safely. 



Every construction site leaves the windows in a state that requires special care. The glass panes and sills are often covered in stucco, plaster, silicone and even sprayed with paint. They require more expertise and specialised tools to get rid of. This is especially due to the increased risk of scratching the glass, yet abrasive tools are still required to remove the debris that has stuck onto the window. For installations like tempered glass, the risks are heightened because of glass composition, with its microscopic flaws from the manufacturing preventing tools like glass scrapers from being used, as it can cause scratches. Instead, the tempered glass needs to be scrubbed manually to remove the debris and paint from it, making it a more laborious job. Our personnel have the skills needed to handle the task, from using scrubber pads, to scrapers for the windows where they can be safely applied for the cleaning, fine grade abrasives that do not scratch the glass, and also incorporating detergents and solutions to lubricate the blades being used – that way they can glide across the glass surface. In fact, the lubricating agents are particularly handy during the scraping process, creating a thin layer of protection over the underlying glass panes, allowing the scraping to be carried out while preventing the scratches from being formed. It’s a combination of chemical and mechanical action, with the formulations assisting in breaking down the deposits that are on the glass surface. Dried concrete and stucco, the manufacturer’s stickers that are on the windows, the silicone and vinyl film residue that was smeared onto the glass when the windows were being sealed, to the dried paint- our professional window cleaning team gets rid of it all. Special precaution is also taken when dealing with tempered glass because of its higher susceptibility to scratching. 


When The Dirt On Your Windows Has To Go

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