Window Cleaning Dublin

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Window Cleaning Dublin

Window Cleaning Dublin

Windows are everywhere. Dirt is also everywhere. From bird droppings, to dust, stubborn stains, grime, cobwebs; our windows are constantly accumulating dirt which makes them appear gloomy and bring in a feel of dullness into our homes and business premises. Window cleaning is an important task as it refreshes the appearance of your rooms creating a fresh, calming and clean ambience for all inside. In this article we will be getting a better insight on what window cleaning is ,dig into how best it is to get a sparkling clean and dry finish on your windows, what appropriate tools and solutions to use and why it is important to constantly clean your windows. We shall also discuss what caution you should taking while performing window cleaning so as to keep you out of harm’s way while performing this extremely vital task.

What is Window Cleaning?
Window Cleaning is the act of cleaning architectural glass that is meant for lighting, decorative or structural purposes. Window cleaning can be performed manually through the use of a variety of tools for cleaning .However, with the rapid advancement of technology ,automated methods of window cleaning are coming up everyday. You can choose to perform window cleaning individually or contract professionals for a fee. Indeed window cleaning has continued to attract numerous numbers of people as a career opportunity. A person who performs window cleaning professionally for a fee is known as a window cleaner.

Types of window cleaning,
There are two types of window cleaning; Commercial window cleaning and residential window cleaning. Commercial window cleaning focuses on properties that host avenues of business establishments such as shops, stores, offices, schools, corporate facilities, boutiques e.t.c. Residential window cleaning on the other hand tends to target our homes and dwellings. Properties that fall into this category include units, houses, bungalows, flats, town houses and Villas.

What are the Benefits of window cleaning?
Window cleaning improves the aesthetic beauty of your home or business premise.
Sparkly clean windows will induce an appealing appearance to both the interiors and exteriors of your house or business premise. Weathering slowly causes a buildup of grime on your windows. It is therefore imperative to clean your windows two to three times every year to maintain a professional outlook for your business and an inviting impressive feel to your home.

In business, window cleaning is as important as determining whether you will close a sale or not. Clients tend to associate clean business premises inclusive of sparkly clean windows with your ability to cater to the very small details of their concerns. Window cleaning will drop a halo effect on your business giving it a competitive edge over other businesses in the same field. Window cleaning will also ensure that your products are showcase in the best possible way which is as great way to pull in customers.

All home owners will agree that clean windows will give off a great first impression to our guests. Let’s admit it, we do not mind that at all. Also, if already in the real estate business or have intentions to venture into such, window cleaning will ensure that your property is more inviting to potential home buyers and this will facilitate closing of more and better deals.

Window cleaning preserves the quality of your windows and window panes for longer.
Window cleaning involves the removal of contaminants such as acid rain and hard water on your panes reducing the speed of the wear and tear process that maybe caused by oxidation of these elements. Taking these contaminants off through proper window lining will ensure that their quality is preserved for longer.

Window cleaning eradicates the problems associated with dirty windows and window panes.
Dead bugs grime and dirt accumulation on your windows and window seals will make it very difficult to open and close your windows properly. Oxidation and weathering, if not properly tackled will lead to issues such as air leakages, fogging, ruined window seals which are all implications that will affect the quality of your life negatively. Dust and dirt particles from unclean windows maybe triggers for various serious respiratory infections such as colds and flus, bronchitis, sinuses ,allergies and even asthma attacks. Proper window cleaning will ensure elimination of these factors thus safeguard your health and improve the quality of your life at large.

Window cleaning will foster your peace of mind.
Dirty streaks, stubborn stains, smudges and fingerprints do not only stand out but can be extremely frustrating. These may cause you to feel insecure when you invite guests over to your house .Proper window cleaning will ensure that this insecurity absolutely leaves your mind and you will rather sit back and enjoy beautiful streaks of sun rays over chit chat with friends.

How to properly perform window cleaning.

Equipment you will need.
Mop(washer and wand)

Fill a bucket about half with cold clean water
Pour a few squirts of cleanser or detergent into the water making sure it’s not too much so it’s not too foamy. You can also apply the detergent or cleaner directly onto the wet mop.
You can also make your home made detergent using equal parts of white vinegar and water.
Rub the wet mop soaked in detergent onto window.

Give it a good rub to ensure all dirt is lifted.
If there is any stubborn marks present, use a scrapper to remove them being careful to only scrape forward.
Placing constant pressure on you squeegee snake it down the window right to the edges.
Use a piece of clean cloth preferably of micro fiber material to wipe along the edges and bottom part of your window and the window panes.
Do the same on both sides of the window to reveal a sparkly clean window

When the windows are in elevated places, be careful with your steps as you climb the ladder.
Make sure the ladder steps are dry and free of detergent to avoid falls.
It is also important to use protective hand gear such as gloves as you handle the dirt and the solutions you will use for cleaning



Window cleaning is therefore an important and necessary habit and should be adopted as a routine task in every household. Window cleaning will safe guard you from respiratory infections associated to dirt caught on windows, boost your property’s curb appeal and generally improve our quality of life due to better light penetration and a clean warm soothing feel that

Window Cleaning Dublin

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