Window Cleaning Dun Laoghaire - Window Cleaning Dublin

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Window Cleaning Dun Laoghaire - Window Cleaning Dublin

Window Cleaning Dun Laoghaire – Window Cleaning Dublin


1 bed house/apartment window cleaning – 50 euro outside or 60 euro in/out 

2 bed house/apartment window cleaning – 50 euro outside or 65 euro in/out

3 bed house/apartment window cleaning – 60 euro outside or 75 euro in/out

4 bed house/apartment window cleaning – 75 euro outside or 90 euro in/out


– Commercial Window Cleaning

Dirt and grime make the windows unsightly. From the everyday dust layers coating the surface, and insect residue left behind by the bugs that were scurrying over the glass panes, to the precast leaching and run-off, eroded window glazing, to the oxidation effects of the metal building materials that winds up on the windows, over time it becomes a mess. Do you have a sprinkler system outside your business premises? The water it sprays around comes with minerals like magnesium, sodium and calcium. When this water lands on the windows and evaporates, it leaves behind deposits of the minerals, forming hard water spots. The longer they are allowed to bake on the glass, the more difficult they get to remove. Over time, the mineral deposits can even start etching the glass panes, resulting in a cloudy and hazy appearance. Hard water is also a threat to the window seals. You want clear and sparkling windows all through the year. Simply get in touch with us and schedule your commercial window cleaning session, and we’ll take care of your needs. Window Cleaning Dun Laoghaire

– Domestic Window Cleaning

Our crew work on the different kinds of windows- from the thick and durable glass block windows that are designed for privacy and security, storm windows installed outside the main glass window as an additional barrier against the elements, egress windows that are all about the style and safety by accentuating the building and providing an escape in case of emergencies, skylights that brighten up dark rooms, those round windows that are symbolic of Gothic architecture, single-hung and double-hung windows with their operable sashes, to oriel windows with their luxurious vibe, the energy saving “Georgian” and “Tudor” style windows that have a classic design, 2-panel and 3-panel slider windows that are usually installed in narrow spaces, plus the picture windows which have a high energy efficiency and are particularly popular for the expanded view they provide for the outdoors. Window Cleaning Dun Laoghaire

– Reach & Wash Window Cleaning

Using this system, the windows get to stay cleaner for longer. This is because the water that is employed for the task has been taken through filters and resins, and deionised such that it doesn’t have static charge left. As such, after the windows are rinsed, they are left to dry naturally without any need for wiping the glass. Without the static, or any films of residue, the rate of resoiling is dramatically cut down, allowing you to enjoy sparkling windows for a prolonged duration. Pure water is also used because of its superior cleaning action, when it comes to absorbing dirt particles. In a bid to become stable it will readily dissolve the soiling that is on the windows, resulting in a more effective clean. In fact, detergents won’t need to be used for the process. The Reach & Wash® system satisfies the regulations concerning health and safety while working at heights. The risks associated with working on windows at heights range from falls when ladders are used, to damage on the property. Ladders are especially notorious for digging holes all over the yard, damaging flower beds and the building’s guttering. With the Reach & Wash® system, you won’t have to worry about any of that. In fact, the reach of the telescopic poles also allows section like conservatory roofs and atriums to be worked on from the safety of the ground. Window Cleaning Dun Laoghaire

Window Cleaning Dun Laoghaire – Window Cleaning Dublin

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