Window Cleaning Howth - Window Cleaning Dublin

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Window Cleaning Howth - Window Cleaning Dublin

Window Cleaning Howth – Window Cleaning Dublin


1 bed house/apartment window cleaning – 50 euro outside or 60 euro in/out 

2 bed house/apartment window cleaning – 50 euro outside or 65 euro in/out

3 bed house/apartment window cleaning – 60 euro outside or 75 euro in/out

4 bed house/apartment window cleaning – 75 euro outside or 90 euro in/out


– Commercial Window Cleaning


A clean workplace is essential for the health of your employees, their productivity, thus the success of your operations. You staff get to feel better in a healthy environment, which motivates them in their various tasks- especially when they see the effort you’re putting in place to ensure it. This is more important for cases where staff members have allergies or conditions like asthma, that are exacerbated by dust and debris floating around in the indoor air space. Including windows cleaning in your establishment’s maintenance program is key. You also don’t want to take your employees off their workstations and send them to the windows. First, this affects their productivity, as without the requisite skills and experience, the window cleaning process will take longer. Secondly, they are at risk, especially when dealing with high-rise windows- with the risk spreading to the other persons on the premises in the event of an accident. Protect your employees, an enable them to remain focused on their mandate, by leaving window cleaning task to our capable team of professionals. Window Cleaning Howth


– Domestic Window Cleaning


Whichever installation you have in your home, be it hopper windows that are opened by tilting inwards and are hinged at the bottom, casement windows which are hinged on the side and open outwards, or the awnings which are hinged at the top and are usually installed above other stationary windows, the stand-alone deadlites which have only one sash and are cheaper to installed compared to the larger picture windows due to the presence of the master frame in the latter, transom windows which are narrow and rectangular and increase the amount of natural light getting into the room, or even the bay windows which usually have a hexagonal frame that projects outwards from the house and adds to the architectural touch of the building, or bow windows where the projection is curved to form an arch, you can count on our crew to give it a thorough wash. Window Cleaning Howth


– Reach & Wash Window Cleaning


This non-intrusive approach to window cleaning enables fast results, while preserving the privacy of your residence and getting through multiple windows in the commercial premises within a short time frame. The water fed pole system employed gets to the windows on the upper floors without our crew having to set up ladders or use methods like the rope and cradle system. The soft bristles brushes that are used have been specially designed for working on windows, which guarantees that no glass panes will be scratched. You also don’t have to worry about damage to the landscaping as would have been witnessed if ladders were used, or the flower beds getting disrupted. The gutters, stucco and other exterior building structures are safe. The Reach & Wash systems enable our crew to also work on the PVC, fascia, get to conservatory roofing, and even solar panels. The use of only water, without detergents and other chemicals, makes it an eco-friendly approach to the cleaning. Then there is the efficacy that comes with the purified water, where it easily absorbs the dirt that is on the window surface. Moreover, the surfaces worked on dry to a streak-free spotless finish. This is because the water used for the rinsing doesn’t have any dissolved minerals or contaminants that would have otherwise been left behind. Window Cleaning Howth


Window Cleaning Howth – Window Cleaning Dublin

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