Window Cleaning Killester - Window Cleaning Dublin

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Window Cleaning Killester - Window Cleaning Dublin

Window Cleaning Killester – Window Cleaning Dublin


1 bed house/apartment window cleaning – 50 euro outside or 60 euro in/out 

2 bed house/apartment window cleaning – 50 euro outside or 65 euro in/out

3 bed house/apartment window cleaning – 60 euro outside or 75 euro in/out

4 bed house/apartment window cleaning – 75 euro outside or 90 euro in/out


– Commercial Window Cleaning

What kind of windows do you have in your business premises? Be it closed windows where the glass is in front but have a solid wall at the back, semi-closed windows where only half of the windows is exposed to the interior space, open-back windows that do away with the wall completely, the upper storey windows, corner windows that are an employee-favourite, island windows that are common in storefronts, to those shadow boxes used to display merchandise- we’ve got you covered. Annealed glass, the stronger tempered glass, laminated glass where two interlayers of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) have been fused, and is a safety glass that crumbles instead of shattering when under duress, thus protecting the occupants, wire glass installations where protection from fire is the main priority, or double- and triple- paned windows, those with heat-absorbing tints, all though to low-emissivity glass that reduces heat absorbed but increases the amount of light let in, our team will take care of it. Window Cleaning Killester

– Domestic Window Cleaning

We take your safety and privacy seriously. After all, this is your home, and you want to have the peace of mind that the people you’re letting onto your property, and around your family, can be trusted. You also want to protect your items from damages and the costs that would follow. Each of our personnel has been thoroughly vetted, and taken through background checks before joining our team. In addition, we have invested in their personal and professional development, from the cleaning measures that are used to the safety processes to put in place while delivering on their mandate. That way, as they work to get rid of the dirt and grime on the windows, your family members, pets and property will be protected. Moreover, we are comprehensively insured and bonded. Our personnel come with workers compensation and we’re also fully licensed as is required by law. That way you can rest assured that you’re dealing with professionals. In addition, our friendly customer support staff are here to take care of any concerns and queries that you may have. Window Cleaning Killester

– Reach & Wash Window Cleaning

With us, it is safe and fast cleaning. Our personnel use techniques like the Reach & Wash® system, where the windows are cleaned from the safety of the ground using telescopic poles that extend as high as 80ft. This means that they don’t have to be physically close to the windows, as was traditionally the case with ladders, rope access methods, cradle systems and other support platforms. This simultaneously reduces the costs of operation and set up time, enabling us to offer services in an efficient and affordable manner. The results aren’t compromised. In fact, the windows get thoroughly cleaned to a spot-free finish, courtesy of the soft-bristles brushes that are used to scrub the glass, plus pure water, which is the only solvent relied on using this method. Its enhanced absorbency enable it to easily lift the dirt particles off the windows and dissolve them, washing them away and leaving the windows without any films of residue. This has the welcome benefit of enabling the windows to remain cleaner for longer. The Reach & Wash® system is designed to conform to industry standards- the likes of the European CE Mark. Window Cleaning Killester

Window Cleaning Killester – Window Cleaning Dublin

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