Window Cleaning Prices

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Window Cleaning Prices

Window Cleaning Prices


1 bedroom house or apartment  50 euro exterior or 60 euro interior + exterior

2 bedroom house or apartment 60 euro exterior or 70 euro interior + exterior

3 bedroom house or apartment 60 euro exterior or 75 euro interior + exterior

4 bedroom house or apartment 75 euro exterior or 90 euro interior + exterior


*** commercial window cleaning projects will be quoted after site visit. We will use a reach & wash window cleaning system where possible and a classic window cleaning system where heavy duty window cleaning services are required***


Professional Window Cleaning Dublin Services For Your Residential Or Commercial Needs


There are all sorts of dirt that wind up on the window: everyday dust floating around coats the surfaces of the glass, insects running up and down the window leave behind body waste, there’s the occasional gunk from birds as they perch on the sill, smoke particles from the exhaust fumes of cars driving by, sediments from acid rain that came pouring down and dried, to the dirt that was on the walls and screens that got transferred onto the window during heavy rains. For those installations with metal frames, there’s also the oxidation effects to consider. In case there have just been construction works in the building, there can even be paint and mortar that ended up on the glass panes. These take away the elegance of the installation, be it casement windows pivoted on hinges that are on the side of the window frame, double hung windows that slide up and down offering a more traditional look, sliding windows that offer unobstructed views, the dramatic bay windows that make the interior space look and feel larger, and even garden windows that enable your potted plants to access all the light they need to develop properly while indoors, skylights, awning windows, round and elliptical windows that are mainly designed to accentuate the building, hopper windows, the expansive picture windows that are all about taking in the view outside your building, egress windows, the louvered option that allows ventilation into the building while simultaneously increasing the privacy, glass blocks that maximise on the latter, different glass types like double-pane windows that have a sealed air space in between the 2 layers of glass that increases insulation, low-E glass that has an invisible metal coating on one surface, or even the varying types of frames, like wood that offers a classic look and also reduces heat loss from the building, clad-frame windows that can come in an aluminium or vinyl shell, vinyl clad windows with their wide variety or foldouts, plus the high-end fibreglass installations. You want to bring the elegance back and protect your investment. Turn to our window cleaning Dublin specialists.


Without the proper training and equipment to use, there are high chances of ending up with unsatisfactory results, from leaving behind streaks and water marks to outrightly damaging the glass. This is a common occurrence with DIY window cleaning jobs. Finding smears on the windows after spending several hours working on them is frustrating to say the least. Not only is the glass unsightly, but you end up having to redo everything. Applying solutions such as detergents and ordinary water from the mains supply leave behind films of residue plus hard water spots. All that rubbing with cloths, plus the chemical nature of the cleaning solutions themselves, leave the glass with an electric charge that attracts dust. Hence, the window gets soiled faster, necessitating you to get back to it sooner than you had anticipated. Machinery such as power washing tools that are used when getting the gunk off the walls and patio cannot simply be just transferred to working on the window. The sheer forces will break the glass, damage the sills, and even force water into the interior space. You’ll have drenched furniture and floors to add to your list of concerns. Then there’s the safety aspect. In case you have hard-to-reach windows, you end up needing to use a ladder- since the equipment used by the professional cleaning teams comes with a hefty price tag, hence it wouldn’t be feasible to purchase. Any work that’s done while atop a ladder is dangerous. In this case, the risks are compounded since you will be carrying window cleaning tools with you, balancing while you carry out the job and also when making your fall. You don’t have to put yourself and your property at risk. Leave the work to the professional Dublin window cleaners.


Value Of Bringing In The Professional Dublin Window Cleaners


  1.  Quality equipment for professional results


The success of the process depends on the tools being used. Hence, we have heavily invested in modernised systems to ensure our Dublin window cleaners carry out a thorough job, and deliver quality results. Water fed pole systems are used, delivering purified water to the window, scrubbing away that the dirt on the glass, frames and sills, washing it down and rinsing, leaving the structure spotless. It’s an intricate process, where the various aspects each have their own value. It starts off at the trucks, which provide mobility and allow our window cleaning Dublin crew to arrive at your establishment fully equipped for the job. They come with the water, machinery, and specialised tools for working on those tricky spots. Next is the water used. It is completely pure. Having been taken through a set of pre-filters, reverse osmosis, and even deionisation, impurities like dissolved mineral salts are removed. This increases the efficacy of the cleaning, since the pure water absorbs the gunk off your windows as it washes it down in a bid to return to its natural, impure, and balanced state. Hence, a more thorough wash can be achieved. Secondly, the pure water doesn’t leave behind sediments on the glass after drying. This is because there are no dissolved salts to create hard water spots. In fact, after the rinsing is done, the Dublin window cleaners will leave the glass wet and allow it to dry naturally, leaving a streak free result. Since there is also no residue, like as happens when detergents are used to work on the window, dirt won’t be attracted to the glass surface, hence the window gets to retain its cleanliness for longer. The brushes used for the scrubbing also have their beneficial attributes. For one, their fibres are soft, allowing them to agitate the soiling without any risk of the glass getting scratched. In addition, the fibres don’t absorb the water, meaning that the scrubbing action is retained at optimal efficiency all through. The poles on the other hand are telescopic. Basically, this means that they can be elongated as desired to access those high sections of the building. The crew get to work on the windows, even on those hard to reach areas, from the ground- not having to bring out ladders that would have risked fall accidents or damage to your property. As a welcome bonuses, using the high reach poles also enhances the privacy of the process, with those within the building-especially those upper floors- not being distracted by faces outside the window.


  1.  Services rendered professionally


You will rest easier when you know that your property is in capable hands. You don’t want to go about your duties worrying about damages that could be happening on the windows, or experience issues like delays in arrival, or even rude conduct from the crew. With our Dublin window cleaners, that won’t be a point of concern. They stick to professional codes of conduct and apply the industry best practices while working on your property. Fully trained and coming with broad experience after working for years on both residential and commercial establishments alike, they are well adept with the various processes involved, and will apply the most suitable solutions to your window cleaning Dublin needs. They will also watch out for structural issues and other problems that may be affecting the window, like seal failure in double pane and triple pane windows that compromises their insulating value, gaps or cracks around the frame that cause air leakage, moving parts that require lubrication to avoid jerky operation, and inform you of the same so that you can arrange to have them resolved before all-out damages occur, costing you to spend heavily on replacements. The personnel are time-conscious, adhering to the set time of arrival at your establishment and carrying out the job diligently for speedy results. In addition, our window cleaning Dublin crew and customer service are friendly, enabling you to enjoy the entire spectrum of the operations.


  1.  Avoid the hustle


After a busy week at work, you want to kick your legs up on the weekend and relax- or perhaps hook up with your friends and engage in your favourite hobby. Those rare days- off from work are meant to be spent rejuvenating, not loading yourself with mundane chores. But they still need to be done. Otherwise, you won’t have conducive living conditions at home. However, you don’t want to spend hours of your free time with an arduous window cleaning task that still risks delivering unsatisfactory results. This is especially due to the unavailability of professional quality equipment during the DIY job. On top of this are the risks of harm to yourself and the window. Why go through the frustrations when the professional Dublin window cleaners are just a phone call away? Get in touch with our crew and leave yourself free to engage in your heart’s pleasures, be it going bike riding, camping, or hiking, seeking out new sites and sounds in your locality that you haven’t visited, meeting up with your friends for brunch or hosting a barbeque and inviting your neighbours over, playing the piano and other instruments, embracing your inner designer as you create jewellery and outfits by mixing and matching, starting a blog to connect and share ideas, your own vlog, playing online games, dancing in your living room to your favourite soundtrack and practicing those cool new moves that you’ll show off at the dance floor later with your friends or during that office party that is coming up and you want to make an impression on your colleagues, painting your art out whether it’s your first time with a brush or you intend to make a couple of bucks by selling the artwork, treating yourself with a yummy dessert, going to the spa, or loading up your closet, doing some reorganisation whether it’s in the furnishings and draperies around the house, or its your profiles on your various social media platforms, indulging in nostalgia as you go through old yearbooks and call up long lost friends, or even kick-starting that healthy lifestyle you’ve always wanted by preparing your diet, or signing up at the local gym, making a collage out of old newspaper and magazine pictures, learning something new such as a language or skill like piano playing, heading out to the stadia to support your team, dribbling a basketball at the court with your friends, or having some in-house board games, and even increasing your awareness as you scour though the internet, local dailies and news sites on interesting topics and the goings-on around the world. Even in your business premises, you want your employees to focus on the tasks that you’ve hired them for. You don’t want your personnel getting distracted from serving your customers by having to deal with the grime on the windows. Not only does it cause the loss of crucial man-hours, but it also endangers your staff. Workplace injuries from window cleaning without proper safety gear and precautions being put into place will expose you to all kinds of inconveniences- not to mention having to give of sick days for the affected individuals to recuperate. Avoid it all by letting our professional window cleaning company take care of the task for you.


  1.  Protected from liabilities


Issues like falls and breakages while on your property can be frustrating, especially when faced with the bills of fixing them. You want to know that you’re covered in case someone is hurt or an accident has been caused while on our property. With our window cleaning services, you’re dealing with professionals. We are licensed, bonded, and insured for your protection. This, in addition to the safety measures put in place, means that you can go about the rest of your duties relaxed that you’re covered in case of any eventuality.


  1.  Cost effective solutions


You want to get your windows cleaned up without straining your budget. Our affordable window cleaning Dublin processes enable you to achieve that. What’s more, when the price is being set, different factors such as the number of windows in your building, screen cleaning, and also scrubbing the sill sand tracks, mineral deposits that are to be removed which require specialty formulations and methods, plus how high the windows are for multi-storied buildings, are considered. This ensures that the costs match your specific needs.

Window Cleaning Prices

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