Window Cleaning Swords - Window Cleaning Dublin

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Window Cleaning Swords - Window Cleaning Dublin

Window Cleaning Swords – Window Cleaning Dublin


1 bed house/apartment window cleaning – 50 euro outside or 60 euro in/out 

2 bed house/apartment window cleaning – 50 euro outside or 65 euro in/out

3 bed house/apartment window cleaning – 60 euro outside or 75 euro in/out

4 bed house/apartment window cleaning – 75 euro outside or 90 euro in/out


– Commercial Window Cleaning

You want services that you can trust and rely on. You want to be sure that when you schedule your window cleaning session, it will be carried out in time, and yield quality results. With us, you can rest assured that you’ll get a professional experience each time. This is from the customer service, the processes that are employed for the cleaning, to the sparkling results at the end of the process. After all, the success of our business is dependent you being satisfied with our operations. As such, we have invested heavily in state-of-the-art tools for the cleaning, plus the personal and professional development of our crew. They are highly trained, and are also friendly, attending to your windows with care and putting in place safety measures to ensure that the customers and employees in your business premises are protected as the cleaning is being carried out. What’s more, our services come in affordable packages, and are tailored to suit your particular situation, including the type, number and size of the windows you want cleaned, plus the frequency with which you want to schedule the sessions. Window Cleaning Swords

– Domestic Window Cleaning

Whichever types of window, from bow or bay windows that increase the interior space available in a room by protruding out from the exterior of the house’s siding, stationary windows that can be customized into any desired angle or shape depending on the desire of the homeowner, slider windows where the operable window glides horizontally along a track, the narrow transom windows that can either be operable or stationary, and are typically mounted above doors or windows to increase the amount of light getting into the interior space, picture windows that maximize on the view outside the property, to awning windows which are installed above or alongside stationary windows, and are hinged at the top, opening outwards to let more air into the room, and the popular casement windows which are hinged on the right or left, and operated by the turn of a crank, our domestic window cleaning crew have got you covered. Window Cleaning Swords

– Reach & Wash Window Cleaning

When dealing with windows, regulations dictate that one should avoid working at heights when it is reasonably practical to do so. This has a huge influence in cleaning industry, with developers looking for solutions that will meet the requirements, for the safety of the crew, and also enhance the efficiency of the operations. The Reach & Wash® system employed by our personnel is one of these. It uses telescopic poles that extend to heights of 80ft, that way even the windows on the upper floors can be worked on from the safety of the ground. The water used here has been purified, having been passed through filters and resins, achieving laboratory-grade purity. It is pumped from the tank up the poles, and sprayed onto the windows in jets from nozzles on the brush head at the top of the pole. The brush itself has soft bristles designed to thoroughly scrub the glass panes without causing any scratches. The water is the cleaning solvent and lubricant, breaking the bond between the dirt and the surface, absorbing it and washing it off. The windows are then allowed to dry naturally, and you end up with a crystal cleaner finish. This approach has the welcome benefit of reducing your carbon footprint, since it is eco-friendly. Window Cleaning Swords

Window Cleaning Swords – Window Cleaning Dublin

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