Window Cleaning Tallaght - Window Cleaning Dublin

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Window Cleaning Tallaght - Window Cleaning Dublin

Window Cleaning Tallaght – Window Cleaning Dublin


1 bed house/apartment window cleaning – 50 euro outside or 60 euro in/out 

2 bed house/apartment window cleaning – 50 euro outside or 65 euro in/out

3 bed house/apartment window cleaning – 60 euro outside or 75 euro in/out

4 bed house/apartment window cleaning – 75 euro outside or 90 euro in/out


– Commercial Window Cleaning

There are plenty of culprits responsible for soiled and unsightly windows. The common ones include dust and environmental pollutants, like in the case of commercial buildings located close to busy streets. Is there a sprinkler system that has been set up near the windows? The water from the mains supply may have minerals like magnesium, calcium and sodium. These minerals are left behind on the windows as after the water evaporates, forming the infamous hard water spots. They become more stubborn the longer they are allowed to continue baking in the sun. They also begin etching the glass surface, resulting in a cloudy appearance. The window seals can also be damaged by the hard water. Speaking of seals, older buildings where the sealing has deteriorated with time, white chalky residues are a common feature on the windows. Those with failing gaskets typically have dark and oily streaks forming on the glass. To restore the sparkle to your windows, a thorough cleaning is needed, and our team of professionals is here for you. Window Cleaning Tallaght

– Domestic Window Cleaning

You take pride in your home. You’ve invested a lot in it, and you don’t want a shoddy job being carried out. The blunders that come with hiring rookies for the job may not only leave you with streaked and messy windows, but can also result in damages to your property. This is also a common occurrence with the DIY window cleaning jobs, when the wrong procedures are followed, and inappropriate cleaning agents used. When you turn to our professional crew, you get to avoid all these debacles, and obtain spectacular results at the end of the process. Our crew has been thoroughly trained and stays up to date with the latest in window cleaning systems and products, in order to deliver quality results each time. What’s more, they have years of experience serving different clients across the scope, working on windows of different types and designs, from the glass panes to the material of the frames- you can trust them to apply the appropriate solutions for your particular kind of window. Window Cleaning Tallaght

– Reach & Wash Window Cleaning

With this system, only pure and deionised water is used for the task. No detergents or cleaning chemicals are employed. The water has been taken through filtration stages that remove any of the dissolved particles within it. These contaminants that are in the mains supply are the culprits responsible for the marks and spots left behind when the windows dry. While the dissolved mineral salts are healthy for human consumption in drinking water, applying the same on the windows results in the minerals being deposited on the glass surface. Through processes like reverse osmosis, the elements are removed, leaving behind pure water which is much better at absorbing the grime that is on the windows, and also doesn’t form any residue. For the cleaning, the water fed poles are employed. Basically, the water gets pumped through telescopic poles. The poles have a brush head, which is used for the scrubbing. These brushes have been specially designed for working on windows. For starters, they don’t hold in dirt within the bristles of the brush, allowing it to be washed down thus speeding up the cleaning process. Secondly, the bristles are gentle to the glass, that way the windows are washed without risking any scratches. The rinsing is then carried out with more of the pure water. Window Cleaning Tallaght

Window Cleaning Tallaght – Window Cleaning Dublin

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