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Window Cleaning

Who we are
We are a client focused and results oriented window cleaning firm making us the best in the industry. Our 14 years wealth of experience in residential and commercial window cleaning services; and our commitment to invest in capacity building of our staff, equipment, research and development speaks volumes of our reputation in professional window cleaning business. Our track record is proven and without a doubt we are pace setters in this industry.

We have successfully taken on projects of mammoth proportions including provision of window cleaning services to a chain of restaurants servicing approximately sixty outlets across the country. When the call came for us to export our services, we took the leap of faith and flew to foreign lands to clean windows. Our corporate social responsibility has seen us visit seventy schools and counting. We have taught thousands of students; home-grown-tips for window cleaning. For this reason we have bagged a number of awards for our efforts to educate children about window cleaning.

Professional window cleaning for both residential and commercial purpose demands that a company be well equipped and documented to provide the service. Yes, we all want our friends and relatives to walk into our compound and spontaneously notice the shine on our windows and the aesthetic appeal it adds to the environment. And in business, there is no second chance for a first impression. We want our clients to know that they are in the right place when they see the sparkle on your windows and a tidy office space.

In this day and age most clients like to do their background check and these are some of the most commonly asked questions:
Does the window cleaning firm provide its staff with insurance and compensation in case of accident while at work?
Does the firm take full liability incase their staff is injured while working at my premises?
How flexible is the firm’s schedule? Can I get my windows cleaned whenever I want?
When a firm is hiring a window cleaner do they do their background check?
Is the window cleaning personnel trained in safety measures and quality service delivery?
These are valid questions often raised by clients when it comes to professional window cleaning services, we are glad you asked and we are honored to give satisfactory feedback.



Quality Service
We understand that our ISO 9001 Quality Systems and Management accreditation increases our clients’ confidence in the quality of our service. It is our commitment to continually improve and become the leading window cleaning firm as we set high standards of service delivery in this industry. This is a strategic tool that ensures reduction of costs by minimizing waste and errors, and increasing productivity.
We are a registered member of the International Window Cleaning Association committed to exposing our personnel to internationally recognized standards of safety, education advocacy and research.



Flexible Schedule & Pricing
We understand the value of time while handling our clients. Majority of service providers don’t have the capacity and ability to meet your demands as regular as you want them to. Whether your schedule is regular or irregular, want custom- made or pre- programmed services; you can be sure to have our services at competitive rates. Our packages are flexible for home owners and business owners alike, day or night, on call or on a regular schedule (daily, weekly, monthly, a whole year). A repeat client earns an added advantage of discounted prices for up to 30% for subsequent or long term subscription to our services. For a list of available prices and schedules check our Catalogue on the website



Due diligence
Our Human Resource department has in place strategic measures in the recruiting of our window cleaning personnel. We run background checks with previous employers, government institutions, family members and any other sources as deemed necessary. We have strict policy with regards to our window cleaning staff and we DO NOT work with individuals having a criminal past which may jeopardize our service delivery in your home or business environment.
We equally carry out drug tests to our current staff to ensure they make sound judgement and do not pose any potential risk/ damage to themselves, people and property in their work environment while on duty.



Insurance & Liability
In uneventful circumstances that an accident (minor and/or major), theft, unintentional damage of property by our window cleaning staff occurs while working at your home or premises; our firm takes full liability. Our team of legal experts carries out an investigation and assessment to determine plausible cause of action. Our staff is insured and they not only enjoy the benefits of having a medical cover; but are also compensated should they suffer any form of bodily harm, physical incapacitation or loss health directly related to window cleaning activities.

We carry out needs and risk assessment at every site we go to work in. We share this information with our client and staff in order to come up with an appropriate execution plan which is cost effective and with minimal, if not zero, risk exposure to our staff and any other persons present in our work environment.



Workplace Safety
It is our responsibility to ensure the safety of our staff and that of the people within our work environment. While we may not be in full control of the work environment we find ourselves in, it is our priority to enlighten our clients on our safety procedures and ask their corporation to make every window cleaning exercise incident free.
We have invested in quality equipment and training of our window cleaning personnel to ensure their safety while working in your residence or business premises. Even more, we take further precautionary measures to ensure that our activities do not have direct or indirect impact on the health of our personnel and those within our work environment.



Property precautionary measures
We take further precautionary measures to protect our client property and valuables while carrying out our window cleaning services. Our staff wears protective gear and we also have drop clothes to protect your valuable items from dust and water.


We are professionally cut out to give you the best window cleaning services in the region. Our promise to our clients is quality service delivery at pocket friendly prices, within the shortest possible time frame. Let us clean your windows as you attend to matters that are really important in your life. Fill in our service requisition form on our website or call us now.

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