Having Your Windows Cleaned In The Rain

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Having Your Windows Cleaned In The Rain

Having Your Windows Cleaned In The Rain

What happens when it rains and you have dirty windows? One would think that the windows will get washed. After all, it is rain, right? Water cascading down on the glass should carry away the dirt and leave your windows spotless, shouldn’t it? Nature will come and lighten the load, and you won’t have to get the task done manually- that’s the hope, but sadly not the reality. In fact, the rain only makes things worse. Well, it’s not the rain’s fault. Those droplets of water don’t make the windows dirtier. Instead, it is all because of the dirt that was already on them. 

A Hazy Mess

Here’s how it goes: Dirt accumulates on the windows on a daily basis. Debris, from pollen and dust, to insect residue and bird droppings, cling onto the window surface. When the rain comes pouring down, the droplets of water rolling over the glass panes attach themselves to the dirt, making a mess. Even with just layers of dust on the windows, the water droplets rolling down will create paths on the glass surface. The windows end up looking far much worse. If there hadn’t been any dirt in the first place, then the rainwater would have simply washed away, leaving the windows clean. 

Can the window be cleaned when it is raining?

What happens if you live in a town where it rains often, and there are only small windows of opportunity to have the windows worked on? Forgive the pun. Perhaps it’s in the middle of the rainy season, and there seems to be a downpour every other moment, and the windows are soiled, demanding attention. Don’t fret. You can still get professional domestic and commercial window cleaning services. Our team can complete the job in the different weather conditions, with their training including how to deal with the unpredictability of the job. 

Neglecting the window cleaning during the rainy seasons will also have a negative effect on the windows in the long run. Water stains will gradually build up on the glass panes- and these will take longer to remove. Adhering to your window cleaning routine is vital, and getting it done professionally will ensure that you get quality results each time. So, when it’s about to rain and you have a window cleaning session coming up, don’t cancel your booking. Have your windows worked on to maintain their sparkle and protect your installation. 

What about water stains?

These are particularly troublesome. When there are sprinklers and hoses set up near the windows, some of the water being sprayed can wind up on the glass. This leaves behind stains. Why? It’s all because of its composition. Even when clear, the water is not really “pure”. It comes with minerals like magnesium and calcium, plus other metals and compounds. Be it water from the mains supply or from the dredged borehole the community relies on, they have dissolved sales within them. These are not risky to the individuals consuming the water. After all, the body actually requires the minerals that are dissolved in it. However, for the windows, it is a different turn of events. When the water evaporates from the glass, the mineral deposits remain, sticking to the windows. The glass may appear to be smooth to the naked eye, but it is actually porous. The salt deposits remain in the tiny pores that are on the windows and become difficult to remove the longer they are allowed to remain on the windows. Scheduling regular window cleaning will prevent things from getting out of hand and reaching a point where the only resort would be replacing the windows.

Certainly, you won’t rush out to clean the windows each time the sprinklers spray some water on it- though it wouldn’t hurt to ensure that the faucets are positioned in a way that the water doesn’t directly hit the building. Regular window cleaning services will get rid of the hard water stains that have built up on the structure, restoring the sparkle to the glass panes and bringing back that clear view of the outdoors. Our residential and commercial window cleaning crew have the equipment needed to tackle the wide range of mineral deposits, and also access those windows that in difficult-to-reach places. 

Dealing with the hard water stains through a DIY process can be laborious. The normal soap and standard detergents are not enough to get the task done. Acidity is needed to break down the mineral deposits, softening up the spots that have stuck to the glass. Preparing the DIY solutions that are usually used, such as working with vinegar doesn’t exactly mean that you will get the results you desire easily. More elbow grease will be needed to scrub away the spots. Herein lines an additional problem: if you wind up using too much effort, or work with the wrong tools such as abrasive brushes, putty knives or razors, you can end up scratching the glass, scraping it or causing cracks- or even breaking the window itself. This leaves you with a huge repair bill- which is not how you want things to go. In contrast, the professional window cleaning crew come across the hard water stain issues frequently when providing the services to their clients, and have the experience needed for safe and thorough removal of the spots. What’s more, the services are insured, meaning that you are protected in case of an incident that results in damage to your installation. 

Value For Your Money

With us, you get quality window cleaning services without straining your budget. We have made heavy investments in quality machinery and the professional development of our personnel. The equipment used is well maintained and, coupled with the skill level of our commercial and residential window cleaning crew, enable the tasks to be carried out expeditiously. This results in savings in time spent and labour costs, and we transfer these benefits to you through affordable rates for the services provided. Get in touch with us today to discuss your window cleaning needs.


Having Your Windows Cleaned In The Rain

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